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Nailberry Summer Selection – Nail Polishes To Enhance Your Tan

19 Aug 2017 (Updated: 17 Jan 2019)

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Summer is well and truly underway now and lots of people have either been away or are going away shortly. One easy and affordable way to enhance any tan you may have, or even just cheer up a rainy summer day is nail polish. I love knowing I have brightly coloured toenails even if they’re hidden under wellies!

Nailberry are a high end nail brand that have a philosophy to provide nails with the care they need to look their best whilst also being;

  • 12 free
  • Vegan and Gluten free
  • Cruelty free- PETA certified
  • Breathable/Oxygenated
  • Moisture Permeable
  • Certified Halal by the International Halal Integrity Alliance
  • Award winning
  • No compromise colour
  • Long Wear and High shine
  • High impact colour

This makes them a range for truly everyone. They have many different colours available in their range but they have recommended three that will truly make any tan stand out. Don’t worry though, as I make Casper the friendly ghost look tanned and I love all three.

Nailberry Flocon

The first I tried was Flocon which is a white polish but it isn’t a harsh tippex white. I normally dread these types of polishes as any pastels or white based polishes are prone to streaking. I found that two thin coats provided an opaque streak free finish! I’ve never found a white polish to apply so evenly or easily. I’ve used this under a neon polish I’ve been reviewing and it truly made the neon pop. If like me you collect polish then a great white is a must and I’ve now found my holy grail.

Nailberry Cherry Cherie

Cherry Cherie also comes under the name St Tropez and is from the On The Bright Side collection. I love a good cherry red polish all year round but my toenails have been rocking this for almost two weeks with no chips! Although this is a great summer bright polish I will also bring this out near Christmas as it really is a versatile colour. It’s also very professional if you cannot wear “fun” colours to work.

Nailberry Baby Blue

Baby Blue won the award for blue of the summer. It’s a lovely minty blue that is quite reminiscent of the famous Tiffany Blue. It’s from the 4 free collection so I would recommend looking into the ingredients if you have allergies. Again great with a tan, but even looked great against my pasty complexion. This is an absolute favourite.

All three when tested had great application that was smooth and streak free. Drying time was very quick for a polish that doesn’t advertise itself as fast drying. Pigment was good and even so only two thin coats were needed for full opacity. For the swatch of Cherry Cherie I actually was able to get away with one! Wear time was on average four days for me. This was at least a day longer than I normally get, but as I mentioned earlier after almost two weeks my toenails are still going strong.

Nailberry is available here priced between £13.50 and £14.50.

Which colours have caught your eye?


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