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Monu Neck and Bust Cream Review.

2 May 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Monu Neck and Bust Cream
Arrrghhh this is like my nightmare area!! I have to say that the neck and chest are honestly the places that those horrid tell-tale ageing signs lurk the most. HATE!!!
The worst thing is when you wake up in the morning and you have those horrible creases running down your chest. Gross!! It makes me feel like an old woman! Well an even older woman!!!
Monu Neck and Bust Cream
So you can imagine my enthusiasm and excitement when I received the Monu Neck and Bust Cream to try out. I was extra excited because I love Monu products, my latest crush being the Monu Microexfoliant. 
And I haven’t been disappointed. Monu’s products really are super yummy. They smell delish, feel even better and definitely deliver what they promise as far as I’m concerned. The Neck and Bust Cream is gorgeously rich. It feels lovely as it goes on – instantly hydrating and refreshing. Immediately the skin appears smoother and moistrurised. The first time I tried it I tested it on my hand and it looked much fresher than the other hand straight away.
Monu Neck and Bust Cream

The consistency is perfect for the delicate skin on the décolletage. It’s super thick and luxurious yet sinks in quickly and feels firming and almost tightening. Applied just before bed, I have definitely woken up with less of a liney chest and plumper skin. But just saying that still makes me cringe!!
It may be because I usually moisturise only after I shower in the morning (I am religious about this) but never re-apply before bed. Either way, I am noticing an improvement. It could be down to the essential fatty acids, vitamins and wheat protein that the Monu Neck and Bust Cream is packed full of.  And it smells divine – that must be the essential oils of melissa, marjoram, lemon and sandalwood! Yum! And lovely just before bed.
So down to business. It costs £30.95 for 50mls which sounds pretty steep but you’re only treating a smallish area, and a little goes a long way. I am going to use it til it’s gone! And then decide whether I must have more!
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Do you use a dedicated cream for your neck and bust?

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