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Melvita Apicosma Ultra Nourishing Cream Review

12 Feb 2013 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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I am a big fan of natural skincare brand Melvita, in fact they make some of my favourite products like the Extra Gentle Body Scrub and the Fresh Berry Pulp Body Milk. So far, apart from their beautiful Honey Lipgloss, they have all been body care products, so I am really excited to find a gorgeous face cream from Melvita. Check out the Apicosma Ultra Nourishing Cream.
Melvita Apicosma Ultra Nourishing Cream Review
First of all, it smells absolutely delicious. I think I could actually eat. In fact, I took it to Boot Camp with me, and at one point, before I got used to the portion sizes, I very nearly did eat it!

It is absolutely amazing for dry skin and I found it instantly soothing and calming. With lots of outdoor activity at Boot Camp, my skin took a bit of a bashing, but this really kept it comfortable and protected. 
The Melvita Apicosma Ultra Nourishing Cream has a patented “3 Honeys” complex (Thyme, Acacia and Orange Blossom honeys) and is also fortified with Royal Jelly and Argan Oil. Rather than honey as such, the scent kind of reminds me a creamy white chocolate orange – properly edible!!
Whilst it is formulated for extra-dry skin, it isn’t too heavy and sinks in quickly. Just perfect! I used it morning and night at Boot Camp and my skin stayed smooth and hydrated.

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