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Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Review

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I was sent the Meaningful Beauty range just over a week ago and I have been using it day and night since.
I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but I have been very pleased with it as a complete solution for makeup removal and moisturising day and night.
I will give you a quick round up of each of the products to give you a better idea of what you get with this range.
Cleanse – Skin Softening Cleanser
I really like this cleanser. I find it very gentle and you can use it to remove your eye makeup too. I have applied it directly onto my eyes, and been fairly heavy handed with it to the point where the product has gotten into my eyes, but there has been no sting factor at all. My eyes are fairly sensitive so this is a very good plus point.
You massage a ten pence piece amount of cleanser into dry skin and then rinse with warm water. It is not at all drying on the skin. Thumbs up!
Maintenance One – Day Moisture with SPF
This is a lovely light, yet hydrating moisturiser. I have been using it after the serum (which I will cover later) and it has created a lovely base for my makeup. I must point out that I always tend to use a primer before applying foundation and have not tested the moisturiser without one. My skin has remained hydrated throughout the day so I’ve been happy with this.
Maintenance two – Night Fluide
This moisturiser is similar to the daytime product, but with a slightly thicker consistency. It is very comfortable on the skin and feels nice and moisturising. Once again I have been using this after the serum. My skin still feels hydrated when I wake up in the morning.
Eyes – Eye Creme
Again, this is a gentle product and I have got on well with it. My eyes tend to stream quite badly if they don’t like something but I haven’t had any problems with this. It is noticeably cooling which is always good for mornings. I have been using it morning and night with the respective moisturiser. 
Little tip: I have had a cold and been blowing my nose a bit which not only wipes off my makeup but also leave me with a bit of a rouge nose. Not a good look!
When I’ve been out and about and the red nose has struck, I have applied a bit of the eye cream onto my nostrils and the surrounding area (I do tend to carry eye cream with me as a rule as it’s my wrinkliest bit), and then dabbed on a bit of foundation. And red nose is gone. This way, I have managed to avoid the dreaded flaky nose – number one beauty hazzard when you have a cold!
Masque – Facial Masque
I have used this masque twice now and it is quite refreshing. To give you an example, I had a couple (OK maybe a few) glasses of champagne Tuesday night, and then slept in my makeup – naughty I know, but it was a one off!
So to try to make up for it, because at 36, that kind of behaviour is pretty hard to get away with, after cleansing, I applied this masque for about 15 minutes (ish) – not sure, wasn’t counting!
I then rinsed it off in the shower and continued with getting ready. I did the serum, eye cream and day cream, primer and makeup as normal and everything was fine and dandy. I made sure a drank a few glasses of water (I’m rubbish on that front normally) and all in all I think I managed to swerve any ill effect. My skin was been fine all day!
The smell is very clean, and reminds me of other clarifying masques I have used, but I didn’t find it drying on my skin. Mind you I was quite quick to get the moisturiser on! In a bit of a rush you know!
Decollete – Decollete and Neck Creme

I really am enjoying having a separate cream for this area because it kind of forces me to pay attention to it. It is definitely one of the areas I worry about and I’m petrified that I’m going to end up with a saggy neck like Mr Burns from The Simpsons! Nightmare!
This cream feels very nice. It’s like a cream-gel texture and is quite silky as it’s applied. Long term use could approve the appearance of the skin in this area but I’d imagine that regular moisturising would also have good results. So who knows?!
And finally…
Glowing Serum – Skin Revitalising Serum

I think this may be my favourite product. It has a lovely fruity smell, one small pump glides over my whole face easily and the skin looks very glowy straight after.
I then apply the eye cream, day or night cream, as appropriate, and the decollete cream.
In general, my skin is feeling smooth and hydrated. This range of products offer a nice all round solution and they all fit into a neat bag that comes with the products. They would be excellent to take on a weekend away, and you’d know you had everything covered.
After using them for over a week, I am more than happy to continue and look forward to seeing the longer term results that prolonged use could produce.
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A definite all round thumbs up from me!
What regime are you following at the moment?
Can’t wait to hear from you