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Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review & Swatches

24 Jul 2015 (Updated: 9 Mar 2016)

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Exciting! It is time to welcome a brand new foundation from Max Factor  and it is a little corker! MF are calling this a “next generation foundation which will offer a new experience in shade matching make-up to the market.” Here’s the details on the Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation.

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review

So the main premise behind Max Factor Miracle Match is all about getting the best of both worlds in terms of coverage and colour match. Often it has only been possible to find a perfect match when the formulation was on the lighter side, so you can blend any mismatch away. However, the more you blend, the less coverage you get which leaves those of us wanting a more flawless finish unsatisfied.

Traditionally, heavier coverage foundations can look just that – heavy – and you lose that natural looking finish of lighter formulations. Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation aims to bridge the gap between these two elements by offering “high coverage with a translucent feel that delivers expert shade precision for flawless and healthy looking skin.”

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Features

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Translucent particles that allow the skin’s natural highlights to shine through
  • Reduced powders for a natural finish
  • High levels of glycerin and water nourish and moisturise the skin
  • Vitamin E and B to condition
  • Added light reflecting particles give skin a subtle radiant sheen and blur imperfections
  • 9 shades

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Swatches

Shades 45 Warm Almond, 50 Natural and 55 Beige:

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Swatches
Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Swatches

This foundation can be applied easily with fingers or a foundation/buffing brush and you need absolutely no skill to apply, it pretty much seems to blend itself.

The formula offers a medium coverage which instantly evens out redness and pigmentation in the skin whilst leaving your skin looking like… skin! I think this is key because it’s a foundation you can keep applying, and building up, to achieve the coverage you want, but it never gets cakey. 1 pump is enough to deliver a flawless even coverage on my skin, but if I put a bit more on any areas that are extra red, it still looks completely natural. Basically, you can’t apply too much. Hooray!

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Before & After Photos


Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review – Before Photo


Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review – After Photo (shade 45)
Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review – After Photo

It has a matte yet luminous finish and really allows the natural radiance of my skin to shine through. At the same time it minimises the appearances of enlarged pores which is one of my biggest concerns so I love that!

The texture feels creamy and nourishing as you apply it and then it lightly dries down on the skin and becomes almost one with it. This means my skin feels hydrated to the touch but never greasy. More importantly, it doesn’t get shiny on my skin. I think that 45 Warm Almond is the perfect match for my skin tone.

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation is £12.99 and is in stock in all colours HERE



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