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Mauli Beauty at Space NK

27 Apr 2015 (Updated: 28 Apr 2015)

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“each time you see Mauli, let it remind you to nurture yourself and just be…”. Last week at Space NK, I met the founders of Mauli Beauty – a husband and wife team – who honestly were just the loveliest people. They have an absolutely beautiful product which matches their beautiful spirit. You know when you meet people and you just want good things to happen for them? Well that is how I felt about Anita and Bittu Kaushal.

Mauli Beauty

So this couple created the Mauli Beauty range in response to an extremely challenging period of their lives to help heal themselves by working on healing others. It is about enabling people to focus on well-being and self-nurture – “The common thread in all we do is to celebrate and honour the sacredness of each individual. We do this by seeking the finest methods and ingredients for inner balance and outer radiance”.

And strangely, or not so, I have literally not been able to stop thinking about these lovely, positive people since I met them.

Mauli Beauty

Mauli Beauty has a range of gorgeously luxurious products which literally smell like heaven on earth (you know when you don’t want to stop breathing in?!), and each is inspired by the “beauty rituals and timeless wisdom of Ayurveda”. It is everything about just being you, appreciating the moment you are in and being happy with the person you are. No easy feat.

Sometimes we are not very kind to ourselves – I know that I am not – and we create so many more problems just by expecting things from ourselves that we can’t deliver. We only live once, and I really want to try to stop always judging myself so harshly.

Sometimes I let special moments between myself and my family slip by just because I am too busy trying very hard at something to notice how amazing things are… just as they are. I want to learn to ‘just be’. Maybe this is the start. I am waffling…

Anyway, yesterday,  I grabbed the samples that I was very kindly given when I met the founders and set about having some ‘me time.’ I ran a bath and added a handful of the Mauli Beauty Himalayan Healing Salts and tried to get into the bath zone. I am not a bath person so I wasn’t expecting too much. The problem I find is that there’s such a build up to it, that by the time I get in, I am ready to get out again. I spend the whole time wondering ‘how soon is too soon?’ to justify all that hot water!

To take my mind off all that I decided to try my little sample of the Mauli Beauty Radiance Exfoliant. It is a powdery blend of Indian sandalwood and rose, with rare saffron, vetiver and turmeric, that you add to your cleanser and massage over the skin. I mixed it with my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and it felt and smelt incredible. I started to relax straight away! I left it on my skin and got into the bath.

This is usually the point where I start thinking about getting out – but not today. The bath salts smell so amazing that I was relaxed before I even got in. I rinsed off my cleanser and then just lay there thinking nice thoughts without wondering when to get out. First time for everything…

Not sure how long I was in there but I’m very sure that it’s the first bath I have really enjoyed in a very long while. I floated about and turned over a few times and even had a little sing-song! When I got out, I got the little sample bottle of Mauli Beauty Sacred Union Scent & Dry Oil and massaged it onto my face, neck and decollete. It felt amazing and made my skin instantly glow. So I took a pic! I may be relaxed but I am never far from my iPhone!!

Mauli Beauty Review

And then for the rest of the evening I felt so good. Completely content. Content is amazing. Very under-rated I think.

If you feel like feeling good, then honestly, genuinely, 100%, I cannot recommend Mauli Beauty more. You can find them at Space NK here and you can also shop direct from the Mauli Rituals site HERE.

Here’s to being content.



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