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Manuka Doctor Apirefine CC Cream SPF20 Review (Purified Bee Venom) with Before and After Photos

9 Nov 2013 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I have been using this new CC Cream from Manuka Doctor a fair bit recently, both on its own and under a touch of foundation and I defintiely approve! This is Manuka Doctor Apirefine CC Cream SPF20.
Manuka Doctor Apirefine CC Cream SPF20 Review
Manuka Doctor Apirefine CC Cream SPF20 Swatch
Manuka Doctor Apirefine CC Cream is part of the Apirefine range which is all about delivering instant results and creating ‘photo-ready’ skin. It uses purified bee venom for its anti-wrinkle and rejuvenation properties, plus manuka honey for intense moisturisation and nourishment. There’s also “Organic Cactus Extract to firm and hydrate the skin with a complex mixture of Vitamin C, Zinc and Oleuopein to minimise the appearance of dark spots and even skin tone: Sorhum plant provides an immediate tightening and lifting effect, with proven wrinkle reduction within one hour of application”. Sounds great!
Here it is on my skin:
Manuka Doctor Apirefine CC Cream SPF20 Review
And here is the before photo so that you can compare.
Manuka Doctor Apirefine CC Cream SPF20 Review – Before Photo
I smooth a few pumps of the CC Cream all over my face and it blends in really easily. I think you’ll notice that it really evens out my complexion and creates lots of light and skin brightness. Just how I like things to look! It smooths over enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles and leaves my skin looking plump, glowy and rather juicy!
Manuka Doctor Apirefine CC Cream is great on its own, or with a little foundation on top. I have used it under my YSL Youth Liberator serum foundation and it means I only need a tiny pump of the YSL to create a really flawless radiant finish. On days where I want a more natural look, or don’t need it to last as long, I just use it alone.
I think I feel a slight tingle straight after I apply but I am really not sure. It could be my mind doing overtime thinking about the bee venom. Oh and apparently, anyone that has allergies to bee stings should steer clear of this range!
One last thing! This is great during the day when my skin starts to get a bit dehydrated and dull. One little pump, gently smoothed over my makeup with my fingers, really refreshes my complexion and gets it looking juicy again! 
I don’t know about the longer term claims because I haven’t been using it long enough, and I must confess to not really monitoring my wrinkles an hour after application, but I like what I see so far.
Manuka Doctor Apirefine CC Cream SPF 20 costs £19.99 for 30ml and is available at Superdrug. Right now the CC Cream isn’t showing online but you can also find it HERE.

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