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MAC Money Honey Eye Gloss Review & Swatch

30 Aug 2015 (Updated: 10 Sep 2015)

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The idea of eye gloss is so appealing to me. In reality it is all kinds of impractical but MAC Money Honey Eye Gloss is such a thing of beauty that suddenly impractical doesn’t seem that much of a problem! Molten gold in a pot. It’s amazing!

MAC Money Honey Eye Gloss Review

A lot of eye glosses I have come across deliver a lot of shine but often just a wash of pigment but this is really a different story. It is absolutely jam packed with gold pigment. It is glossy gold of the most amazing kind.

MAC Money Honey Eye Gloss Review

You can use it as a wash over eyeshadow, or just go for a solid gold look. It is super long lasting – when I swatched it, I actually had to use an oil based remover to take off the swatch. That’s a good sign for an eye gloss.

MAC Money Honey Eye Gloss Review

MAC Money Honey Eye Gloss Swatch

MAC Money Honey Eye Gloss Swatch

I absolutely love this. The only problem is that you can really feel it on the lids – it has a heavy texture, and if you have hooded lids, like I do, then it can actually feel quite sticky, which isn’t the best. However, I think if you had a really defined, lifted eye contour, then it would probably be more comfortable.

Also your hair can get attached, so this would definitely be a hair up look for me! It’s one for the extreme makeup lovers for sure.

MAC Money Honey Eye Gloss is £16 and launches in September 2015.

Find MAC at Selfridges.



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