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MAC Instacurl Mascara Review

11 Jul 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I am always excited to try new mascaras and as someone with rather stubbornly straight lashes, ones that promise a long lasting curl are always appealing. Here is the low down on the brand new MAC Instacurl Mascara.

mac instacurl mascara
MAC Instacurl Mascara Review

MAC says, “Life can change in an instant, shouldn’t your lashes do the same?”. Well I suppose it depends!

mac instacurl mascara
MAC Instacurl Mascara Review

MAC Instacurl Mascara Features

  • Innovative formulation curls lashes upon application
  • Curl holds all day
  • Customistable curved wand fits all eye shapes – twist to bend
  • Hugs lashes from corner to corner

mac instacurl mascara

We are told a quick twirl “provides the style, volume and length you’ll love”. I have been testing it out! What’s really interesting is that you can twist the lid to make the wand more curved. I had a play around with this to find a shape that matches my eye. You will need to do the same.

mac instacurl mascara

mac instacurl mascara
MAC Instacurl Mascara Review

I love how flexible the wand is and as you apply the mascara, it really hugs the lashes.

mac instacurl mascara

MAC Instacurl Mascara Before & After Photos


mac instacurl mascara

One coat on one eye:

mac instacurl mascara
One coat on one eye

Two coats on one eye:

mac instacurl mascara
Two coats on one eye

After – two coats:

mac instacurl mascara

I am really liking this mascara. You need it check out my snapchat to really see how curly it makes my lashes – it is quite impressive. The only thing is that if you go heavy, things can get a little clumpy, but I actually like that look. However, it is actually very effective in one light coat, so that would totally avoid that problem.

MAC Instacurl Mascara is available in shade Instablack and retails at £19. Find it to order online HERE




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