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MAC Fluidity Fluidline Pen Review & Swatches

23 Nov 2015 (Updated: 22 Mar 2016)

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If you love a fine eyeliner, then you are going to absolutely love this newness from MAC Fluidity! The brand new MAC Fluidity Fluidline Pens are eyelining perfection in three gorgeous shades. Take a little look!

MAC Fluidity Fluidline Pen Review

So MAC Fluidity presents a new Fluidline eyeliner that combines MAC’s pigmented liner with a much more versatile delivery system in the shape of a pen. It has an super fine nib that allows what MAC is calling calligraphy for the eyes.

MAC Fluidity Fluidline Pen Review

MAC Fluidity Fluidline Pen Features

  • Highly pimented liquid ink formulation
  • Glides across the skin
  • Ultra-fine tip for sleek, high intensity application
  • Really long and flexible nibs
  • Smudge resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Bold matte finish
MAC Fluidity Fluidline Pen Review

MAC Fluidity Fluidline Pen Shades

  • Retro Black – black
  • Indelibly Blue – deep navy blue
  • Privet – sea green

MAC Fluidity Fluidline Pen Swatches

I have 2 of the pens to show you – Retro Black and Indelibly Blue.

MAC Fluidity Fluidline Pen Swatches Retro Black & Indelibly Blue

They glide on so beautifully, and I love the matte finish that it dries down to. I haven’t done a long test on my eyes yet, but I swatched these when I first got them last week and they lasted on my hand the whole day until I scrubbed them off.

They are a win for me. The flexible nib makes application so easy.

MAC Fluidity New Fluidline Pens are £18 and are available online HERE



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