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Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb & Salted Caramel Soap Review

31 May 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Lush is a brand that I had never really been into up until about 3 years ago. Then something changed and I fell in love. I’ve written numerous blog posts on my Lush hauls but here are two additions to the range, one a bath bomb and one a soap bar.

Lush lava lamp bath bomb

Now, starting on a hugely  positive note- the Lush Lava Lamp bath bomb is AWESOME! It’s definitely quite the spectacle in the bath tub, as you’ll see in the photos below. Lava Lamp is wonderfully citrussy, zesty and fresh. Tangerine oil, Sicilian mandarin and orange flower make this bath bomb burst with freshness. There are three little cone shaped orbs that are revealed when the bath bomb has finished fizzing. They then melt, revealing a deep purple that looks EXACTLY like a Lava Lamp.

Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb
Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

These little nodules contain extra virgin olive oil and cocoa butter to well and truly nourish the skin. The scent is is not at all overpowering, and is very refreshing. If you’re on the lookout for a new bath bomb- this is it! The Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb was ltd edition to Oxford St but is now available nationwide. 

lush salted caramel soap

Sadly, the Sea Salted Caramel Soap bar really isn’t my taste. It looks really nice, with the golden shimmer running through the bar and the caramel colours topped off with the flaked sea salt. The sea salt on the top also acts a gentle exfoliator which would be great if you love the scent. Although it certainly looks lovely, the smell is just too sweet for me, sadly. 

It has a really strong toffee and cream scent to it, which some people absolutely love, but which just doesn’t match my tastes. It lathers up nicely and if you’re into super sweet fragrances- this will definitely be your bag- sadly, it’s just not mine, despite how much I love Lush products. 

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