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Lovely Sheer By Sarah Jessica Parker Review

15 Jun 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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If you’re looking for something lovely to wear this summer, then the aptly named Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker could be the perfect choice. A delicately pretty, floral fragrance, it’s light, fresh and uplifting- perfect for summer.

Lovely Sheer By Sarah Jessica Parker
Lovely Sheer By Sarah Jessica Parker

It’s always difficult to describe a scent, but if you can imagine yourself wafting through a meadow of wild flowers on a warm day, in a delicately sheer summer dress, the breeze gently catching your hair – this is how it smells.

The bottle, with it’s slightly cloudy glass and ballet pink neck fits in perfectly with the scent, evoking images of sheer, gauzy curtains fluttering against a full length window as the sun streams through onto dappled floorboards, the room filled with vases of flowers. This is a perfect reflection of how the scent makes you feel- relaxed and summery.

If you’re familiar with the original Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, then this is a lighter, fresher variation on the original and if you loved that, I’m sure you’ll love this too. Developed with perfumers Clement Gavarry and Laurent Le Guernec it is intensely feminine whilst at the same time remaining delicate and light. With top notes of orange flower blossoms, ripe mandarins and bergamot it feels pretty and summery but at the same time sophisticated and indeed- lovely.

Lovely Sheer By Sarah Jessica Parker
Lovely Sheer By Sarah Jessica Parker Notes

Lovely Sheer By Sarah Jessica Parker Notes

  • Top Notes: Moroccan Orange Flower Absolute, Mandarin & Bergamot Sicily
  • Middle Notes: Gardenia Water, Pink Peppercorns & Blonde Wood
  • Base Notes: Musk, Haiti Vetiver and Amber Crystals

Ordinarily I prefer something a bit muskier and intense for my perfume, but I think despite how delicate and floral this scent is, the base notes of Musk, Vetiver and Amber Crystals give it a warmth and dimension that makes it seem more complex and expensive than your classic summery floral.

Equally, I like its subtlety- it’s the kind of perfume that whispers to you rather than announces its presence in a sudden blast of scent. It gradually weaves its way into your senses until you become gently aware that it’s there and that you love it, without ever really realising when you started to notice it.

Lovely Sheer By Sarah Jessica Parker has an RRP of £48 and is available to order online here


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