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Lise London Fragrance Review

29 Oct 2016 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Lise London brought out her first perfume in 1993 after taking the fashion world by storm over the previous decade. The perfume Catleya was only available to fashion clients of hers, it was so exclusive.


Over the last 15 years she has created seven other perfumes of the highest quality and refinement, each coming with an insert from her manual for love and living. A code inside each box allows full access to the manual on a secret members’ area of the website. Each perfume is made in France with the finest perfumery ingredients.

There are four perfumes for women and four for men. The fragrances are intended to work in “relationships” so that the fragrances complement each other allowing you and your partner to balance fragrance wise.

The Lise London “couples” are:

  • Ideal Lovers
  • Ideal Couple
  • Perfect Couple
  • Gentle Couple


Ideal Lovers:

Catleya the Secret Love Code. This is the original fragrance and is described as “The symbol of true eternal love, bewitching, like the mysterious Amazonian Orchid, it enwraps us in it’s delicate iris, rose and mimosa scent”.

An Ideal Lover is the male counterpart and is described as: “Inflamed by a soft rose lavender heart on a voluptuous woody amber, it’s an ideal perfume when in the mood for love”

Ideal couple:
An Ideal Wife (!) described as “A jasmine and tuberose modern scent bursting into a fruity vanilla like dessert”
An Ideal Husband “A burst of citrus freshness with subtle aphrodisiac and mystical floral frankincense”

Perfect Couple:
A Perfect Woman “Irresistible and natural with its green foliage and it’s pure noble orange blossom heart”
A Perfect Man “A spicy wonderfully pure woody earthy scent”

Gentle Couple:
A Perfect Lady “Magnificent and precious like a royal fleur de lys with the powerful character of a noble heart”
A Perfect Gentleman “An elegant intense oud ennobled with sweet leathery notes”


All fragrances are available individually to purchase in 30ml or 100ml sizes or you can purchase the duos and make a slight saving.
I was sent a PR sample with small vials of each and the scents are all quite classic. I think they would be most suited to women who like Chanel No5 or YSl Rive Gauche– traditional, classic scents.

For men who like Aramis or Eau Savage by Christian Dior these would be an ideal gift.

With Christmas approaching this may be suitable as a luxury gift for that special person in your life. And if you’re like me and single, maybe treat yourself as we all deserve to feel special!

Find Lise London fragrances here

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