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Look after those lips – winter is here!

26 Oct 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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It is this time of year that dehydration plays a huge role in skin issue’s.  Including dry, chapped lips! Here’s the 101 on Lip Care.


Now, I don’t tend to wear lipstick often, I like to stick to a lip balm that hydrates and protects. There are so many on the market now that are infused with fragrance from cherry to chocolate and have SPFs with hydrating ingredients. The trend at the moment is for tinted lip balms with the likes of Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, L’Oreal all adding to the ‘lipso factor’.

Beware Mineral Oil


Many of these products include mineral oils or petroleum – a derivative of petrol. Petroleum is a fossil fuel and creates a jelly like substance as it’s by product. It was once used as a healing agent as it sealed wounds from any infection invading the body.

The product itself feels as though it is moisturising when in fact it creates a false hydrating effect and can actually be dehydrating. It is also comodegenic!

Look for Shea Butter


There are many brands that use Shea Butter which is an ingredient that I adore. Shea Butter is harvested in Africa, it is rich in omega 6 & 9, has a very high level of vitamin E and is abundant in essential fatty acids. It is extremely nourishing and an ideal emollient for lips that cry out for moisture.

How to Choose Your Lip Care

  • Look at the ingredient listings of products
  • Be aware of ingredients that draw moisture from the skin rather than contribute to the NMF (natural moisturising factor)
  • Avoid mineral oil or petroleum
  • Seek out Shea Butter

My Lip Care Recommendations

Lip Care & Colon Health


The lips in oriental diagnosis, relate to the intestines. Dry, pale lips relate to the colon needing more fibre and moisture.

What to Eat:

  • Eat things that are high in water content, i.e: fruits high in moisture, melon, kiwi
  • Increase lettuce and cucumber into your diet as well as foods rich in essential fatty acids
  • Look at introducing pro-biotics, reduce alcohol and spicy foods intake.

Marie’s DIY Lip Scrub

Exfoliate the lips gently by applying a gentle enzyme peel or a great little tip is to create your own:

  • 1 teaspoon of porridge oats
  • a little natural Greek yoghurt
  • a little honey

Gently rub into the lips. Porridge oats contain beta gluten a natural substance that has an anti-itch, anti-inflammatory and ultra hydrating action on the skin, the application will be gently abrasive. Yoghurt contains natural enzymes that will eradicate dead skin cells and honey included will moisturise and soothe. Finish off with a lip balm containing Shea butter, pucker up and away you go!!

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