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Leighton Denny Top That Gel System Review

12 May 2015 (Updated: 19 May 2015)

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Until now, I haven’t really been a huge fan of gel nails. I love the idea of super long lasting, shiny colour, but I don’t really have time to go to the salon, and because I love to change my colour a lot, I like to be able to get it done at home. I have dabbled with at home systems before but the brand new Leighton Denny Top That Gel System has really changed my mind. It’s a winner.

Leighton Denny Top That Gel System Review

So what is different about this set is that you can basically use it to turn any of your shades into gel polishes. Usually, you have to buy actual gel colours that are compactible with your chosen system and you have to cure the polish at each application. Not so with the Leighton Denny Top That Gel System.

Leighton Denny Top That Gel System Features

  • Small LED lamp
  • Leighton Denny Top That Curable Gel Top Coat
  • Leighton Denny Top That Cleanser
  • Duplex Buffer
  • Hoof Stick
Leighton Denny Top That Gel System Review

When I read the info about this product I instantly wanted to try it because it sounded so much easier than other gel systems, but just as effective.

I love all the gel effect nail polishes that are available. They give you a super shiny finish, you don’t need to cure with a lamp and they generally last pretty well. But they definitely do not guarantee longer wear and absolutely no chips like a real gel system does.

The new Leighton Denny Top That Gel systems is meeting me half way and in a very good way.

Leighton Denny Top That Gel System  My How To

I pretty much did exactly what I normally do for my nails and then used the system at the end. Here’s what I did:

  • I lightly buffed the surface of the nail
  • Applied a matte base coat
  • Applied 2 thin coats of regular nail polish

As you can see, that’s normal for anyone. Here are the differences:

  • I waited 30 minutes after applying the 2nd colour coat
  • I applied the LD Top That Gel Top Coat the 4 fingers on 1st hand
  • Cured for 30 secs
  • Repeated on other hand
  • Painted both thumbs with top coat
  • Cured both thumbs at once
  • Wiped all the nails with Top That cleanser on a cotton pad
  • Done!

The list makes it look complicate but you basically paint your nails as normal, then put the gel on, quickly cure, then clean and it is all done!

My nails are still looking really good a week later. I am going to wear it for another week to fully test. I chose a pale colour so I can paint on top if I get bored. Here they are one week in:

Leighton Denny Top That Gel System Review

Also, there’s a brilliant removal system that really works. I absolutely hate it when I can’t get colour off my nails and it is one of the things that puts me off the whole gel nail thing. The Leighton Denny Top That Removal System contains a specially formulated remover and 50 genuis nail wraps.

Leighton Denny Top That Gel System Review

You just buff the surface of the nails, pour a small amount of remover on to the pad then wrap it over the nail. The wraps are like little bandages that attach to themselves so you don’t need to bother with tape. After 5 minutes you can unwrap and wipe the nail and it all comes off. Clean up any residue with regular remover.

I tested this on my right hand and it totally works. I then put the same colour back on using the system so I still match for the trial period!

Leighton Denny Top That Gel System is £79.99 and that includes the lamp, the buffer, the hoof stick, the gel top coat and the cleanser. You can also buy the top coat separately for £18. The Removal System is £12.50.

You can buy it direct from Leighton Denny and also John Lewis and Amazon will have stock very soon. Loving this. If you want to see it in action, check out my latest beauty news video.



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