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Leighton Denny Lip Dual Review

17 Aug 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Every once in a while a cosmetic comes along and blows me off my feet. The Leighton Denny Lip Dual Lipstick and Stain is one such product. The liquid lipstick trend has had most of us obsessed for some time now but I think these Lip Duals are bringing back the lipstick game.

Leighton Denny Lip Dual Lipsticks and Stains
Leighton Denny Lip Dual Lipsticks and Stains

Designed with a lipstick in one end and a lip stain in the other, these are a really innovative product and perfect for popping in your handbag too.

Here I tried out both ends of the scale; a gorgeous almost purple-like nude and a vixen red.

Nude: 01 Catwalk Queen which is a sheen

Red: Love That Red which is a matte

In the Lip Dual you get 4ml Lipstick and a 7ml Stain

Leighton Denny Lip Dual Swatches
Leighton Denny Lip Dual Lipsticks and Stains Swatches

From what I have read in other reviews there is some speculation about the best way to use the gloss like end. People are wearing it both on top of and underneath the lipstick, although it’s designed as a lip plumping base coat for the lipstick. It does give a slight tingle in use so you know its plumping action is taking effect. 

Used on its own, I found that the stain itself didn’t do much for me, but I am an all or nothing kinda gal! I preferred to use it as designed, as a base coat. So I have focused more on the lipstick, although I actually found like other reviewers that I could use the stain to glossify the lipstick too. 

Leighton Denny Lip Dual – Catwalk Queen

Leighton Denny Lip Dual Catwalk Queen
Leighton Denny Lip Dual Catwalk Queen

The moment I first applied Catwalk Queen I suddenly remembered why I love lipstick. It applied immaculately to my lips. The softness and moisturising feel it gave is second to none.

I won’t lie, I have completely crushed on this shade massively! It’s one of those products that you put on and it is luxurious; it isn’t a chore. If you have ever put on a bad quality lipstick you will know that luxury feel I’m talking about that some lipsticks lack.

Leighton Denny Lip Dual – Love That Red

Leighton Denny Lip Dual Love That Red
Leighton Denny Lip Dual Love That Red

The Red is super pigmented and gorgeous in colour. I am still perfecting application of red lipstick, trying to stay in the lines and make it look perfect. The Love That Red isn’t a letterbox or that odd shade between pink and red. It is a “Hello Foxy” kind of a red.

I really like this one almost as much as the nude. Teamed with minimal makeup, winged eye and lashes it comes into its own and steals the show.

I found the stain really worked its magic on top of the lipstick. It glossed the red and sheened over the nude.

One important thing to note ; this product has staying power, be prepared for slightly tinted lips when removing the Red.

Leighton Denny Lip Dual Lipsticks
Leighton Denny Lip Dual Lipsticks

Another thing I just have to mention is the smell and taste. It is so sweet, when I sniff it (because I sniff all cosmetics!) it makes me almost flutter my lashes and think of cupcakes. I really like this. Also if you lick your lips you can taste the cupcake. I challenge anyone to try it out and say otherwise. This is a real bonus for me as I tend to find high quality lipsticks can smell a little waxy.

I can see Catwalk Queen easily becoming my everyday lipstick,  closely followed in the evening by Love that Red.

Find Catwalk Queen here or Love That Red here to order online.

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