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Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection – Inspiration From The Sea

29 Jun 2017 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Lee Stafford is well known in the beauty industry. His range of haircare products has a cult following and he often pushes the boundaries with his innovative products. The iconic pink packaging is easy to spot on the shelves of Boots.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection
Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection

Just in time for summer, Lee has bought out the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection to help us achieve big, textured beach ready hair. Drawing his inspiration from the oceans, this range features several natural products usually found in the sea. Sea salt is used to exfoliate and volumise, seaweed and algae are used amongst others to provide nourishment and strengthen the hair.

Lee Stafford Sea SaLT Crystal SHaMPoo

First up is the Sea SaLT Crystal SHaMPoo. This comes in a tub, not a traditional bottle, probably due to its texture. This shampoo is part liquid, part sea salt crystals. The salt crystals help to exfoliate the scalp, while the other ingredients cleanse and nourish the hair. Instructions state to use a palm size amount. I found this to be too much and my hair is quite long. The instructions also state to repeat the  shampoo. Based on this, a tub of shampoo won’t last that long and the shampoo is not the cheapest on the market.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection
Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection – Shampoo

I used about half the amount recommended and I got a decent lather. It was a bit odd at first as all you could feel was the granular texture, but as I continued to massage in it started to lather. I like the idea of exfoliating the scalp, especially with all the hot weather we’ve been having. It makes me feel like my head and hair are clean. The shampoo rinsed out easily and felt primed ready for the conditioner. Find it here

Lee Stafford Sea SaLT FOAM CoNDiTiONER

Sea SaLT FOAM CoNDiTiONER is one of the new generation of foam conditioners. It’s liquid in the bottle but once you pump it it comes out as a foam. Application is recommended just to the mid lengths and ends. That’s what I usually do anyway so I was happy to follow the instructions in this case. As I said, I have long hair and 2-3 pumps were more than enough for my hair.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection
Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection – Conditioner

Seaweed, Sea Algae and Sea Minerals form the main ingredients of the conditioner, they promise to nourish and condition without compromising on volume. I liked this conditioner on my fine hair. My hair combed through easily and seemed to dry quite quickly which was a plus. Usually I tend to use conditioner up before I finish a bottle of shampoo (even though they are usually same size bottles  – one of life’s many mysteries) but based on using as suggested you would easily use up the shampoo first. Find it here

Lee Stafford Sea SaLT Collection STYLiNG MiST

Finally, to complete the collection is the Sea SaLT STYLiNG MiST. This is very similar to other sea salt sprays. It can be used on damp or dry hair to create volume and texture, the sea salt helps to condition the hair and tame flyaways.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection
Lee Stafford Sea Salt Collection – Styling Mist

I liked the smell of this spray, it has the usual Lee Stafford scent. I did find it made my fine hair feel a bit weighed down so I would probably only use it when I know my hairstyle only has to last a day before I rewash my hair. It did give good texture though so someone with thicker hair would probably get a good result. Find it here

I have mixed feelings about this collection. I liked the idea of the shampoo but I’m not sure the execution is the best. The tub is necessary because of the granular texture but be careful when opening. The first time I unscrewed mine a lot of the product spilt out which given that the shampoo is a higher end drugstore range is not ideal.

My favourite product was the conditioner. I have tried using it as part of the latest trend of only washing with conditioner and got pretty good results.



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