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Lee Stafford Mini Collection- Holiday & Festival Essentials

28 May 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I was excited to get my hands on this set of 50ml minis from Lee Stafford’s PiNK haircare range – I’ve used a couple of his products in the past so I already knew I loved the fragrance – it’s sweet and feminine but manages not to be sickly.

Lee Stafford Mini Collection
Lee Stafford Mini Collection

The packaging is shocking pink and metallic, which gets bonus points for me for bathroom shelf appeal. Onto the products themselves: a dry shampoo, dehumidifier, shine spray and firm-hold hairspray.

Lee Stafford Mini Collection
Lee Stafford Mini Collection- Dry Shampoo

First up, the dry shampoo. I usually stick with old favourites so was intrigued to see how this would measure up. First impressions were very good; I sprayed from a distance, left for a few minutes and then brushed through. I was left with fresher feeling, more volumised locks, that smelt divine. There was no powdery residue – though being blonde I usually find this less of a problem anyway. I’d say this is on a par with other dry shampoos, although bearing in mind its higher price point (the full size retails at £5.99) it might be worth picking it up as part of a 3 for 2 offer rather than spending the extra on just one product. As a mini though, it’s great if you’re on your travels or to keep in your handbag and whip out whenever you need a pick-me-up. Find it here

Lee Stafford Mini Collection
Lee Stafford Mini Collection- Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is the product I knew most about: I’ve used it before and it’s a firm favourite for taming my straightened hair on the dampest of days and keeping it sleek and frizz free without being greasy. Described as ‘an umbrella for your hair’ it’ll also add shine – I find it works best if you spray and let it settle (don’t brush it out). On my holiday it kept things firmly under control in hot and dry conditions, but it really comes into its own in damp or drizzly UK weather. I have very fine hair which I blow dry using a hot air styler and if I use this afterwards to seal my style there’s no need for a once over from my straighteners. This is a total hero product and I wouldn’t be without it. Find it here

Lee Stafford Mini Collection
Lee Stafford Mini Collection- Shine Spray

The shine spray promises shiny sexy hair. Apparently it contains a synthetic version of preen gland oil, which ducks use to keep their feathers shiny! As a blonde I sometimes struggle with getting good shine but this did the job nicely when I had my hair pulled into a high pony, and you only need a little bit. Of the four products in the set this one is probably my least favourite, purely because as a finishing spray I found it similar to the dehumidifier but with none of the extra benefits. That said, if you worked in a greasy kitchen or smokey atmosphere I imagine it really come into its own for its deodorising properties. Find it here

Lee Stafford Mini Collection
Lee Stafford Mini Collection – Hair Spray

I gave the firm-hold hairspray a real run for its money, using it to secure my quiff before a four-hour flight. It worked really well, drying instantly with no stickiness or residue, and I’m pleased to report that my ‘do was still locked in place 14 whole hours later after the flight and a coach transfer. Added bonuses for me are the silk protein, which conditions hair, and a UV absorber, which ensures maximum hold, even in the brightest sunlight. My style looked natural too, which is sometimes hard to achieve with hairspray. Find it here

After my week’s holiday the products were all still going strong – with the exception of the dehumidifier, which was too good not to use every day. Good things can come in small packages!

Find the full Lee Stafford Mini Collection online here

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