Lancome Lash Idole Mascara Review - Before & After Photos
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Lancome Lash Idole Mascara Review

3 Feb 2021

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When I first got into luxury beauty in my early twenties, I used Lancome mascaras exclusively, namely Hypnose. So I was super excited to try out the latest addition, Lancome Lash Idole Mascara. Here’s the lowdown with before and after photos.

Lancome Lash Idole Mascara
Lancome Lash Idole Mascara

The first thing I noticed about this mascara was how light it felt in my hand. Had I not known what the brand was, I’d have said it was a high street mascara. However, in terms of sustainability and carbon emissions, I actually think that this is a mindset that I need to address myself.

Lancome Lash Idole Mascara
Lancome Lash Idole Mascara

Traditionally, weighty has always meant luxury, but maybe we need to redefine what luxury feels like, in the age of sustainability. Even though it is plastic, lighter in weight surely means better things in terms of the carbon footprint? It’s something that I’d love to hear your thoughts on. Anyway, packaging aside, allow me to get into the review.

What is Lancome Lash Idole?

  • Non-clumping mascara that targets every single lash for instantly longer, lifted eyelashes
  • Volumising mascara provides lifted, fanned out volume
  • Formulated to last for up to 24 hours while being easy to remove
  • Uses a new gel emulsion mascara formula providing a feather-light feel
  • Infused with white tea extract for conditioning
  • Brush has 125 different bristle sizes and 360 micro-bristles

Mascara Brush Lash Idole

Before & After Photos

Before mascara
1 Coat of Lash Idole
1 Coat of Lash Idole
2 Coats of Lash Idole
2 Coats of Lash Idole

Lancome Lash Idole Review

This is a lovely mascara that very quickly delivers lifted and lengthened lashes with refined volume. It is easy to use and the curved brush allows me to place the lashes exactly where I want them.

I find that the first layer is very light yet defining. It curls and fans the lashes very effectively and looks pretty really quickly. In my experience, the mascara formula dries quickly so you have to work fairly fast if you want to still be able to move the lashes around. But you can still build volume once the first coat is set, without the formula clumping.

The hold and coverage is nice and longwearing and I didn’t notice any significant flaking or dropping. It is light and comfortable on the lashes, and pretty easy to remove with a bi-phase makeup remover, I have been using the classic Bi-facil from Lancome* which I love, however, the Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover* is also great for this.

All in all, this is a great new mascara and I think you’ll love it. If you are looking for a more affordable option, the new Maybelline Sky High* is excellent and very lengthening. I have a full review on that coming up soon.

Where to buy Lancome Lash Idole Mascara

The mascara is £23.50 and selling out online fast. It is available at:

Check out my Best Makeup 2021 post before you go.

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