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Lancome Flash Bronzer Night Sun Review

11 Jun 2015 (Updated: 30 Mar 2016)

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The Lancome Flash Bronzer Night Sun is a new facial self tanner that’s all about giving the skin a gorgeous natural glow.

Lancome Flash Bronzer Night Sun Review

I am a bit iffy about using fake tan on my face, and I definitely find that using the same product on my face as I do on my body can be a tad ageing. It very often seems to highlight imperfections rather than cover them, as fake tan does on my body. It can also be very drying.

Lancome Flash Bronzer Night Sun is a hybrid skincare and self tan product.

Lancome Flash Bronzer Night Sun Features

Lancome Flash Bronzer Night Sun Review
  • Comfort of a normal cream
  • Delivers glowing, even colour and radiant complexion
  • Can build intensity daily
  • Hydrating and plumping formula
  • Ingredients include vitamin E and monoi, rose hip and argan oils
  • Leaves skin soft and supple
Lancome Flash Bronzer Night Sun Review

It is really easy to use. I just applied it to clean skin after my serum and it blends in really easily leaving my skin super comfortable. Then I went to bed! It smells lovely – like summer but not at all like biscuits…

When I got up the next morning, I looked in the mirror and thought my skin was looking really good! It was quite a surprise because I was feeling absolutely knackered to be plain! I totally forgot I had used the Lancome Flash Bronzer Night Sun until I went through the photos on my SD card and saw the shots I took of the product.

Then I twigged that that was why I was looking a lot fresher than I felt! Job done it seems!

If you’re looking for a facial tanner then I totally recommend this! Lancome Flash Bronzer Night Sun is £24 for 50ml. Find it to order online HERE



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