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Ladival Sun Protection Review

29 May 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I don’t know about you, but I go to great lengths to protect my skin as I have pale (read translucent) skin that easily burns. Having been made aware at a young age that due to the amount of freckles and moles I have, my chance of developing a skin cancer is higher than average,  I always wear SPF. As an Optician I am fully aware of the effects of UV on the eyes, but also know that UV is higher on cloudy days, therefore I wear SPF all year round. I wasn’t however using sun protection against Infrared- it was just something I had never thought of and I’m not alone in that- surveys by Ladival show 80% of people said they didn’t even know Infrared-A existed as a form of radiation from the sun.

Ladival Sun Protection Review
Ladival Sun Protection SPF 30

The newest research has brought Infrared rays to scientists attention. These cause damage to the most delicate cells in the deepest layers of our skin. Damage to these cells contribute to the formation of aggressive free radicals which can lead to cell damage. This results in an enzyme being released which attacks the collagen and elastin proteins, causing accelerated skin ageing, decreased elasticity, loss of firmness, lack of moisture and increased wrinkles.

Here enters Ladival Sun Protection, which offers 4x more protection against the sun rays, with UV-A and UV-B as well as Infrared-A screened out. It’s also water resistant and suitable for sensitive skin, helping prevent prickly heat and other sun allergies, with immediate protection.

Ladival Sun Protection Review
Ladival Sun Protection SPF 15

It claims to be non greasy; having tried other creams that promised the same I was a little sceptical, but I have to admit, in this case I was wrong. This cream, or spray, immediately sank into my skin allowing me to get dressed straight after application. Living in Brighton I spend a lot of time outdoors and normally wear SPF 50 but the SPF 30 gave me great protection. I did reapply after 4 hours but I didn’t feel like I had to worry at all about not being protected, and my skin didn’t feel as warm to touch as it usually does after being in the sun.

For a cream that allows me the opportunity to apply, get dressed and get out the door quickly, as well as providing future anti -ageing benefits, this is well worth the price. I’m just hoping for a lovely summer now, so I can spend time outdoors knowing I’m fully protected and investing in my future skin!

You can find Ladival Sun Protection, including Ladival sun protection for kids, here

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