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Kosas Lipsticks SS16 Collection

12 Aug 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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KOSAS Cosmetics recently launched their new SS16 collection. I was so excited to get my hands on the new Kosas Lipsticks!

KOSAS Lipsticks
Kosas Lipsticks Packaging

The collection has the most professional packaging. The lipsticks are black with KOSAS written in white on one side in a square casing. The boxes are the reverse. They look really nice in my collection!

Interestingly the colours released for SS16 do remind me more of Autumn when I look at them. This is great given that summer is sadly on the way out. The dark reds and brown nudes are colours I would ususally wear in Autumn/Winter time, so I was intrigued what they would look like on the lips.

KOSAS Lipsticks
Kosas LIpsticks

The colour ‘Thrillest’ is the brighter red of the two reds looking more like a coral red on the lips. The pigmentation is perfect, you can’t use too much as it is buildable and between Thrillest and Electra I find this lasts longer on my lips, maybe because this is more matte out of the two. It is just the right red for me, it makes my lips look brighter and is perfect for summer!  

Electra is a deep plum red, with more shine to the colour. I find this doesn’t last while I eat but will leave a red line around the outer edge of your lips so can be easily applied while out without having to redo your lip liner! One or two swipes of this across your lips and you will be set to go.

Kosas Lipsticks L-R: Thrillest, Electra, Royal, Stardust

The nudes really intrigued me in their packaging, they look like a very deep brown and plum which is something I have been looking for for a while but on the lips they can look quite different.
Stardust has got the least pigmentation out the four I received, I have to really build this up to create a colour on my lips but once applied gives a beautiful matte nude shade, similar to the Mac Velvet Teddy nude.

Last is Royal, a very deep plum shade which I would never match to the summer season but when swatched it really fits well with the Thrillest and Electra. This has a slight shine but nothing too dramatic and this lasts a lot better than Stardust. I was surprised by the wear time from some shades in the collection, with some lasting longer than others but it isn’t hard to top up throughout the day if you keep your lipstick in your bag!

Kosas Lipsticks Swatches Bottom- Top: Thrillest, Electra, Royal, Stardust

Overall I love this collection, the shades are bright and mix really well with some of the weather we get in the UK. It was also really interesting to see that these lipsticks have antioxidants in them to help prevent environmental damage to your lips, so they do feel moisturising and glide on to the lips well. They also have collagen boosters and have the best scent of vanilla, ever. I can see these lipsticks being a real favourite in my collection. 

Find Kosas Lipsticks here (It’s a US website, but they ship to the UK too)

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