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KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture Review

2 Jun 2015 (Updated: 5 Aug 2015)

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I try lots and lots of hair products – tonnes in fact. Many of them are good, but it isn’t often that I totally fall for a product and start thinking about getting back ups. When it comes to hair, many products are very similar and often very replaceable. However, I have started thinking about backups for the KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture. I absolutely love it.

KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture Review

So this is quite a little multitasker!

KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture Features

  • Helps to build up workable texture
  • Lightweight and non-sticky formula
  • Natural feel on the hair
  • Provides light hold and shine
  • Perfect for prepping, styling and finishing
  • Buildable spray that movement through the lengths
  • Protection from heat styling
KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture Review

So, as I said, I just love this stuff. I haven’t used it on damp hair yet (although I am excited to try that) but at the moment I am finding it to be the most incredible finishing product for after I have curled or waved my hair.

I wait for the hair to cool, rake it through with my fingers, or gently brush it out, and then I spray KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture through the whole head of hair to add in volume, texture, movement, definition and a beautiful natural lustre.

KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture Review – 2 days after curling

It makes the curls or waves hold beautifully, gives the hair lasting volume and even seems to get better the next day. If you want to keep curls for longer, you should definitely give this a try!

It doesn’t make my hair greasy or sticky and it’s still easy to pull a brush through it. Most importantly, it doesn’t dry the hair out at all.

For me it is hair finishing perfection. It is everything I liked about the Bumble & Bumble Cityswept Finish without any of the stickiness or heaviness that can only be removed by washing. KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture is really layerable but never gets heavy or tacky. It’s genius.

It is £15 for 200ml and available at Look Fantastic and Feel Unique (which has a sale on as I type – about £11 right now). Look Fantastic are giving away a free limited edition SS15 Bora Aksu scarf designed exclusively for KMS with 2 or more purchases from the brand. More info on that here while stocks last.



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