KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I Review & Swatches
By Ree

KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I Review & Swatches

11 Jun 2018 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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The good news is that the KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I is really lovely. The bad news is that yet again it was held hostage at the post office because of unpaid custom fees for the UK. I do wish the Kardashians would provide a more professional service. It was expensive enough already! Anyway… here’s a look at it with photos and swatches.

KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I
KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I

I have to say, the texture of the powders is so good, which makes me feel a lot better about having to pay an extra £15.40 in customs fees in order to free it from Royal Mail. I had already paid £45.40 so the total is in excess of £60. That’s a lot even for a perfect palette. I would be crying if the quality was poor!

KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette Features

  • Radiant powder formula
  • Blend flawlessly & melt into the skin
  • Leave a long-lasting luminous finish
  • Soft and silky texture
  • Effortless application
  • Use lightly for a natural look
  • Layer up for more intense effect

KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I Shades & Swatches

KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I
KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I
  • White Gold I – illuminating creamy white gold
  • Pink I – illuminating pink champagne
  • Peach I – illuminating peach with gold flecks
  • Gold I – illuminating soft warm gold
KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I Swatches
KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I Swatches

I love highlighter, actually I adore it, and these really are beautiful highlighters. The powders are so silky and soft that they almost feel like cream, and the payoff is brilliant, even with the lightest touch of a fan brush. It’s stunning.

The shades are just gorgeous. White Gold I is a wonderful bright highlight and the other three shades are warmer, soft and extremely flattering. I am going to get lots of use out of all the colours. This is the lighter palette of the two that are available, and there is another for darker skin tones.

KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I
KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette I

The question is, is this palette worth the £60 + I paid for it? Probably not, and it is such a pain that KKW Beauty don’t have a UK distributor. I am glad I bought it because I love to be able to share these thoughts about the product with you, but I wouldn’t recommend you buy if you are based in the UK.

The KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette is $44 and available here.

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