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Kiss Blooming Lashes Review

28 Jun 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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False eyelashes have kind of become my thing in recent months. I actually wear them on a daily basis so it’s safe to say I’ve become somewhat of a falsie connoisseur. I tend to feel a little naked without full, luscious lashes.

Kiss Blooming Lashes
Kiss Blooming Lashes Peony & Daisy

I have pretty small eyes so I tend to favour a ¾ style but I always go for volume and length whilst trying to keep it as natural as possible. I definitely think trimming lashes to the correct size to fit your eyes is key for optimum results.

Kiss Blooming Lashes
Kiss Blooming Lashes

Enter – Kiss Blooming Lashes with multi-angle technology which means there are layers of lashes on one band to add more dimension and depth to the lashes. These really remind me of much pricier, mink lashes but for a more affordable price.

I have two pairs, both of which are lovely and really long lasting. These can be re-used numerous times without them looking worn out. I did have to cut down the lashes quite a bit due to my small peepers but they applied with ease and felt comfortable to wear. Each set of lashes comes with their own little tube of lash glue..

Kiss Blooming Lashes
Kiss Blooming Lashes Peony

The first is Peony, a more evening appropriate, fluttery option with quite thick, dark lashes.

Kiss Blooming Lashes
Kiss Blooming Lashes Daisy

Then there is Daisy which is a lighter, more daywear style pair. Both are gorgeous and are really flattering on the eyes.

From the front:

Kiss Blooming Lashes Peony:

Kiss Blooming Lashes
Kiss Blooming Lashes Peony Front

Kiss Blooming Lashes Daisy:

Kiss Blooming Lashes
Kiss Blooming Lashes Daisy Front

What I particularly love about these lashes is that they’re super flexible. For me, there’s nothing worse than super straight lash bands when you’re trying to apply them to the curve of your eyes, am I right? Many a meltdown has occurred due to really stiff, straight lash bands and thankfully I can rest easy knowing these are super easy to apply.

In the UK you can find Kiss Peony lashes here and Daisy here

In the US you can find Kiss Blooming Lashes Peony here and Daisy here


Love Kate xo

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