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Kiko Natural Concealer Review

18 Jul 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I really like the Italian makeup company, Kiko. Their shops look high end and a bit fancy, and even though Kiko’s range looks expensive, it’s actually surprisingly affordable. Most importantly, Kiko make some great products. Some of my favourite products come from Kiko-  the Kiko Natural Concealer being one of them.

Kiko natural concealer
Kiko Natural Concealer

Kiko boasts that its Natural Concealer is natural, light and smoothing, and easy to apply. It also claims to give effective coverage of dark circles and blemishes and to smooth fine lines. It fights free radicals thanks to the vanilla extract and protects against the sun since the vitamin E in the formulation acts as an antioxidant.

When I’m looking for a concealer all I ask for is good coverage and a real skin finish which lasts well. If I’m using a product on my under eye area it’s important that it doesn’t crease too. I can happily report that Natural Concealer fulfils my brief perfectly.

Kiko Natural concealer is an unassuming little product, though. It comes in a small plain tube with a doe foot applicator and doesn’t exactly sing its own praises.

Kiko natural concealer in medium swatch
Kiko Natural Concealer In Medium- Swatch

Kiko do several concealers- dark circle concealer, an Illuminator, high coverage in a pan, a stick concealer and this one. Natural concealer is Kiko’s all rounder concealing product that works well for both blemishes and dark circles.

I have fair to middling, neutral toned skin and I was matched with 03 Medium. It suits me just fine. It may be that I go down a shade in the winter months but as it’s only £5.50 a tube it’s no great problem to buy a paler shade. Now I’m a bit tanned Medium is perfect. Kiko does 6 skin shades, so you’re likely to find one that matches.

Kiko Natural Concealer- Performance:

The texture is creamy and opaque. The  Kiko makeup artist suggested 3 dabs of product under each eye, I don’t find that quite enough; I need closer to 5 little blobs.

It blends beautifully using my fingertips, the warmth of my fingers helps melt it into the skin. It covers dark circles and spots alike, the coverage is full.

The finish is really natural, giving just the right amount of sheen so that it looks like natural skin. I often find long wear concealers set to a matte finish which then creases throughout the day. This concealer has the most skin-like appearance of any I’ve tried.

It really is a natural looking concealer and best of all, it stays like that all day, which is the most important thing. You can reliably set off about your business without having to think about retouches.

Kiko Natural Concealer Overview


  • Price is great at £5.50
  • A natural finish which lasts well
  • Good coverage
  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Natural Concealer contains ingredients which benefit the skin


  • The packaging is very plain, if you like your makeup to glamorous this may disappoint.
  • Kiko ships to Europe, the US and the U.K. but not worldwide.

I’m really happy I tried this unassuming product, it really is more special than the packaging suggests. I’m sure to be repurchasing when I run out.

Find Kiko Natural Concealer to order online here

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