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Kat Burki Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm Review

10 Apr 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Ooh I love a cleansing balm! I often use them at night for my first cleanse to take off the day before I go on to clean and treat my skin and I enjoy them so much. I have recently been introduced to a new one from a New York-based brand I have never come across before. Here are the details on Kat Burki Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm. Enjoy!

kat burki vitamin c nourishing cleansing balm
Kat Burki Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm Review

I focus on makeup here quite a lot, but what I do know is that, if my skin isn’t feeling and looking good, even the most expensive makeup in the world can look pretty ropey! The most vital part of skincare for me is the cleanse which is why I am obsessed with oils, balms, creams, gels, and everything in between, to prep my complexion.

Modern technology means that cleansers don’t just do the simple job of removing dirt and makeup any more and, as is the case with the Kat Burki Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm, there are multiple skincare and anti-ageing benefits that can be had.

Kat Burki Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm Features

kat burki vitamin c nourishing cleansing balm
Kat Burki Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm Review
  • Repairs, renews, and illuminates skin & helps repair the signs of ageing
  • Uses a reparative combination of active ingredients
  • 15% STAY C (Vitamin C), Camu Camu berry, Gotu Kola
  • 7 reparative Cold-Pressed Oils: Coconut, Sunflower Jojoba, Rose Hip Seed, Olive, Avocado & Cranberry Seed
  • Free from Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, Gluten, Sulfates, Petrolatum and Mineral Oils
  • Suitable for all skin types

I am beginning to understand that how effective a product is relies largely on how they are extracted and processed. All Kat Burki products are cold pressed, cold poured and cold processed which is key for maximum efficacy.

The cleansing balm is a really beautiful texture. It feels so soft and calming on the skin. It has a beautiful subtle flowery scent which makes it absolutely wonderful to use.

kat burki vitamin c nourishing cleansing balm
Kat Burki Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm Review

I take a small scoop and warm it between my clean, dry palms, then massage it all over my face including the eyes. It’s a light almost gel-creme formulation that as you work it over skin begins to feel more rich and oily. It melts makeup including mascara (even when it was sealed with the new Clarins waterproof top coat).

It doesn’t emulsify with water so I simply remove it with a warm, damp wash cloth and it leaves my skin soothed, nourished and plumped. There’s a slight residue, owing I’d imagine to the amazing blend of oils in the formulation, and I like this comfortable feeling on my skin. It feels protected yet clean. At night I have used this as my first cleanse, however, if you use it in the morning, the oils would make a great base for your moisturiser.

If you like your cleanser to rinse totally away, then this may not be for you. But fear not, it is no way as heavy as something like the Pixi Beauty cleansing balm which I find much more difficult to remove.

I love the fact that a little stays on my skin and that it contains 15% vitamin C because I am obsessed with skin brightening, and this will really help.

The Kat Burki Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm is already available in the US HERE for $85 and launches very soon in the UK – it will available to order online exclusively HERE.



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