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Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base – A Flawless Base With Three Products

10 Sep 2017 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I’m pretty sure none of you will need an introduction to Dame Joan Collins – English actress, author, columnist and all-round British icon. Over her lengthy career she has worked with some of the latest and greatest beauty professionals. Each of which ignited her passion for beauty and of course helped her to be widely recognised as one of the most glamorous icons of our era. After many years of loving everyone else’s products, Joan felt it was about time that she created her own range. Thus the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection was born.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base - A Flawless Base With Three Products
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base – A Flawless Base With Three Products

The collection has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years, with the skincare, makeup and fragrance line, offering you everything you need to look your best. Joan has poured her insider secrets into the range, which has helped to shape a range loved by beauty fans. The Joan Collins Timeless beauty collection is designed to keep you looking good and feeling great, no matter what age you are. As the name suggests, the collection is designed to be timeless and wearable, creating a look you can wear every day of the week.

As we make the transition from summer to autumn, many of us will be searching for that perfect base. I know that I look for a seamless, glowing base. This allows me to experiment with colour on my eyes and lips! Thankfully the Timeless Beauty Collection has you covered – in just three lovely products that I want to share with you today!

Step #1 – Cover with the First Base Foundation

What I love about the Timeless Beauty Collection is that everything is packaged beautifully, which adds a real sense of occasion to your makeup routine. This lovely First Base Foundation arrives in a glass bottle, which is finished with lots of gold detailing. The foundation is available in lots of different shades, which cover lots of different skintones. The formulation is quite thick, offering really good coverage for pigmentation and blemishes. The foundation blends really nicely with both a beautyblender and brush, whilst giving your skin a glowing, hydrated finish. Find it here

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base Foundation
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base Foundation

Step #2 – Conceal with the Fade To Perfect Concealer

The Fade To Perfect Concealer arrives in a tube packaging, with a lid that screws off to reveal a doe foot applicator. I’m absolutely obsessed with the detailing on the Fade To Perfect Concealer. The ribbed edge to the lid is finished perfectly with the Joan Collins logo. This concealer is fantastic at adding a little bit of extra coverage, especially for dark circles. Find it hereStep #3 – Add finishing touches with the Compact Duo Powder & Lipstick

I absolutely adore these beautiful compacts from Joan Collins, which each feature a lovely powder and a perfect lipstick! First of all the packaging is absolutely exquisite, with a lovely colour combination of glossy black and luxurious gold. When you flip open the palette you find a lovely powder on the left. Then, on the right, a lovely lipstick is sitting there ready for touch-ups. It even comes with a little brush and a handy mirror to help you touch-up on-the-go! Find it here

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