Jo Malone Yuja Cologne Review - Blossoms Collection
By Ree

Jo Malone Yuja Cologne Review – Blossoms Collection

7 Jul 2020

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Jo Malone London have a brand new fragrance range, called the Blossoms Collection which is all about the contrast of juicy citrus with airy florals.  I have the new Jo Malone Yuja Cologne to show you.

The new Blossom Collection has two returning fragrances that will be available for a limited time only – Osmanthus Blossom and Silk Blossom (available here*).

The new Jo Malone Yuja is a gorgeous fresh and zesty blend. Yuja, or Yuzu, is a citrus fruit that looks a lot like a lemon and it has a bitter-sweet scent. It is like lemon but with a really interesting twist and a bitterness that’s quite addictive. The woody notes temper the citrus perfectly, and it stays fresh and summery on the skin.

Jo Malone Yuja Notes

“A citrus to enliven the senses, ripening in abundance on verdant trees in a secret garden. Discovered on our adventures, yuja has infused recipes and remedies alike for generations with its distinctive and exotic notes. The mouthwatering fizziness of this striking fruit is enhanced with woody depths of cedarwood and a resinous touch of fir balsam.”

Jo Malone Yuja Cologne
Jo Malone Yuja Cologne
  • Top Note: Yuja – vibrant citrus, opens the fragrance with addictive freshness and touch of aromatic notes
  • Heart Note: Clary Sage – Woody with earthy, aromatic tones that enrich the sweet  aromatic notes of the rosemary heart
  • Base Note: Fir Balsam – A sweet resinous note with an amber-like scent that brings addictive warmth to the fragrance.

The way that Jo Malone describe the fizziness of the fragrance really resonates with me. It is fresh and bubbling, yet still smooth and longwearing. It will appeal to both men and women.

Jo Malone Yuja Cologne
Jo Malone Yuja Cologne

Where to buy the Blossoms Collection

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