Jo Malone Silver Needle Tea - Rare Teas Collection
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Jo Malone Silver Needle Tea – Rare Teas Collection

28 Apr 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Rare Teas from Jo Malone is a new luxury tier of six colognes. There’s a brand new bottle design and an industry first with a ground-breaking infusion method. It is all very exciting! I have the Jo Malone Silver Needle Tea Cologne and I have to say, it is pretty impressive in every way.

jo malone silver needle tea
Jo Malone Silver Needle Tea

So this is quite a big moment for Jo Malone London. Not only do the Cologne bottles have a very new and gorgeous look, but the way the fragrances have been developed is a first for the brand and indeed the fragrance industry.

Serge Majoullier, Master Perfumer explains;

“Through an infusion process we used actual rare teas in each of the fragrances, a first in perfumery. Infusion is a very traditional process, not often used today. We thought it would be interesting to revisit it to create this completely contemporary collection of scents. We also liked the idea that the process is similar to brewing tea.

I like that idea a lot too. Being a tea fan, it’s interesting to learn a bit about rare teas and I’m ashamed to say that I never knew that all tea actually comes from the same plant, and it is just how it is grown and harvested that defines the different types. Well I know now!

Jo Malone Rare Teas Collection

jo malone silver needle tea
Jo Malone London Rare Teas Collection

There are 6 different colognes in the line up:

  • Darjeeling Tea
  • Jade Leaf Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Midnight Black Tea
  • Silver Needle Tea
  • Golden Needle Tea

Jo Malone Silver Needle Tea Review

This particular cologne is described as “delicately floral, supple and velvety” and it is wonderful. Silver Needle Tea grows in China’s Fujian province and is collected once a year. Harvest time is April and the white tea buds are hand-picked at dawn and then scattered to dry in the sun.

jo malone silver needle tea
Jo Malone Silver Needle Tea

The composition of the scent is inspired by Chinese tea traditions and uses Rose absolute for richness and density, Mimosa and Bergamot for a green freshness, along with musk and sage to bolster the dry tea leaves quality.

It’s a beautiful floral scent that has a wonderful light quality and I find it really uplifting and focussing. It starts off zesty  and then softens into a smoother, muskier affair that lasts really well on my skin.

jo malone silver needle tea
Jo Malone Silver Needle Tea

And I am obsessed with the new packaging! It is a huge 175ml bottle with a heavy magnetic close lid like a soft, smooth, matte pebble. It strikes a sophisticated modern contrast with the time honoured infusion process of both tea making and the creation of this collection.

Jo Malone Silver Needle Tea Cologne, like the rest of the Rare Teas Collection,  is £240 for 175ml. You can find them online here.




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