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Jo Loves Shot Candle

27 May 2015 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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So this is pretty special. Nearly everyone I know loves a candle, and it was Jo Malone herself that turned the candle into the new, chic and thoughtful alternative gift to flowers or chocolates. Jo put candles on the map and now she is reinventing them into a whole new bespoke and imaginative experience with the brand new Jo Loves Shot Candle concept.

Jo Loves Shot Candle Studio

And it is totally amazing!! Last week I paid a visit to the zen-like Jo Loves store in Belgravia London to find out all about this world first candle creation method.

Jo Loves Candle Shot Studio

So this is about as personal as it gets when it comes to candles and gifts. Jo has created the very unique Jo Loves Candle Shot studio when you can create your very own bespoke candle from a stunning range of fragrances on the Jo Loves menu.

Jo Loves Shot Candle

Jo Loves Shot Candle – The Steps

It’s incredibly innovative, but actually very simple at the same time and takes its inspiration from fragrance creation and the blending of notes. You start with your base and choose from a range of different fragrance inspirations. Right now there’s Mint Mojito, Charcoaled Lemons, Tahitian Gardenia and Fig Trees.

Jo Loves Shot Candle

I went for the Charcoaled Lemons – I love the fresh citrus notes mixed with the green notes of waxy skin and then carmelisation of the burnt fruit. It is amazing!

Jo Loves Shot Candle

Next you choose your shot. There are the same choices as the base, with the addition of Mango, Pettigrain, and Lemongrass. And then they have a brand new one, that isn’t even on the menu yet, and I just couldn’t resist it!

I went for Salty Caramel and it works so well! A base of charcoaled lemons with a shot of salty caramel, and I had my candle creation. It’s unreal. If you need to get an idea of how much in love I am, then check out THIS VIDEO where I am practically salivating over it (really!).

Jo Loves Shot Candle

The final step is to seal your base and shot together. It’s a rather entertaining moment with a blow torch which I loved! It is then presented in a stunning box tied with a beautiful bow and you have your own candle creation. Just fabulous.

Jo Loves Shot Candle
Jo Loves Shot Candle

It’s such a unique experience with a unique outcome and every time you burn your candle, you remember how you created, or who created it for you. Perfect! For the first 3 hours of burn you get your shot scent, and then everything starts to blend into your own bespoke creation. Each Shot Candle promises 60 hours burn time, so the pleasure will last and last.

And if you can’t make it down to Belgravia then you will be pleased to know that the Jo Loves Candle Shot studio has opened online. You won’t see salty caramel there just yet because I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak of that special little number, but I’d imagine it won’t be long.

You can create your own Jo Loves Shot Candle for £75. Worth every penny I think. An amazingly unique present for you or someone special.



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