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JewelCandle Review

20 Jul 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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If like me you obsess over all new creative and unique ideas you’ll love what JewelCandle are all about! JewelCandle produce a range of products, mostly candles (obviously!) but they also do a range of bath bombs & cupcakes which look really lovely. 

JewelCandle Candle
JewelCandle Candle

So what makes JewelCandle different? Well inside each candle or bath bomb theres a piece of treasure just waiting to be discovered; a jewel worth anything from £10-£250!

With so many different options to choose from you could bag yourself a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace or even a pendant! Exciting to say the least!

I was lucky enough to get myself a lush ‘Cookies and Cream’ scented candle. I personally don’t usually like sweet scented candles, but surprisingly, this was an exception!

The candle wasn’t too sweet & honestly made the house smell as if I was baking something delicious; everyone who visited complimented me on it!

The great thing about these candles is that they have an extremely long burning time. I was really impressed but also really impatient because I just wanted to get my jewel out! On the back of the candle theres a spot that shows you exactly where your jewel is, handy so that you can pull out your jewel as soon as the candle has burnt down enough- also a slight tease!

JewelCandle – You Can See Where Your Jewel Is!

Each jewel is wrapped in a foil layer and a small see through bag inside of that to keep your jewel safe. When my candle had burnt down enough I jumped at the chance to fish my jewel out. In a hurry I ran the package under the tap to get any excess wax off and frantically unwrapped the layers.

I pulled out a sterling silver pair of stud earrings with a central dark brown stone. These wouldn’t usually be something I’d buy for myself but in this case that was a good thing as it forced me to come out of my comfort zone and try them out. I actually really like them and have been wearing them a lot recently!

JewelCandle Earrings

These would make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas, and would be such a lovely surprise to someone who hasn’t heard of them yet. One of my gift buying golden rules is that you can never go wrong with a nice candle and now you can make that even more special with JewelCandle!

I know I’ll definitely be buying some for my friends this year. Find them here



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