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Jasper Conran Nude Fragrance Review

16 Jul 2016 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Jasper Conran is a well-known and much loved name and brand which is synonymous with elegant, sophisticated fashion, homeware and now, fragrance. The Conran brand is all about style. Here’s a look at the new Jasper Conran Nude Fragrance.

Jasper Conran Nude
Jasper Conran Nude Fragrance

I have lusted after a Conran piece of homeware or fashion for many years and when I lived in London in my teenage years, I would often take myself to Chelsea and wander through the Conran Shop. The simplistic, yet practical and stylish pieces sparked my love for design right there and then.

So I was very excited to try out the newest fragrance from Jasper Conran – Nude. This eau de parfum for women comes in two sizes, 40ml and 100ml.

jasper conran nude perfume
Jasper Conran Nude Perfume- bottle

The bottle is beautiful. The tall, weighted glass bottle reminds me of old Hollywood glamour. I can imagine seeing this bottle on the dressing table of a Hollywood film star, alongside a big powder puff and a gin cocktail.

You will want to have this bottle on display for its timeless elegance. I love how it hasn’t been emblazoned with a big logo or lots of text.

jasper conran Nude
Jasper Conran Nude Bottle

So the scent. I am not actually a great wearer of perfume as more and more I find that they are too strong for me. In the summer, because of hayfever, my sense of smell is particularly sensitive. However, this perfume is really lovely. It is light, delicately floral, not at all over-powering and has a refined aroma that is a delight to spritz on.

The floral composition of Jasper Conran Nude has a touch of Orris (rootstock of an Iris), fused with Amber, Musk and layered with newly blossomed Gardenia, Magnolia and Orange Blossom.

Jasper Conran Nude notes:

The head notes are Bergamot and Grapefruit.

The heart notes are Gardenia, Orange Blossom and Magnolia.

The base notes are Orris, Amber, Musk and Wood.

And with the 100ml size perfume, you also get this pale nude coloured clutch bag. You could also use this as a make up bag but I think it’s the perfect neutral clutch bag that will go with any outfit and is a great size to fit all your essential items in.

Jasper Conran Nude perfume Free Bag
Jasper Conran Nude – Bag Available With 100ml Perfume

So if you are looking for a subtle, fresh fragrance that can easily be worn in the day and will take you through to the evening, Jasper Conran Nude is a joy.

Find Jasper Conran Nude to order in the 40ml version for £20 and 100ml version for £30 here

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