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James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask Review

6 Jun 2015 (Updated: 30 Mar 2016)

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Earlier this week, I had a lovely breakfast with tanning expert and tan innovator James Read. The first thing I have to say is that James is absolutely wonderful. I met him about five years ago when I first started blogging and before he launched his very own tanning brand. He is as lovely now as he was then. His range has been a huge success. It started in the UK and he is now in Sephora stateside. As I said, that’s huge success by any beauty standards, yet James has stayed the same. He’s friendly, funny and completely lovable. I adore him. Anyway, enough chat. James has launched some brilliant and innovative new tanning products and today I am looking at the James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask.

James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask Review

So this mask isn’t a tanner in itself, but it’s all about preparing the facial skin for the best tan possible. I have become very wary of fake tan on my face over the last year or so because I often find that it clings to dry patches and highlights all the imperfections that I spend my life trying to recede or conceal.

James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask Review

The James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask is designed to ensure the skin is perfectly smooth and prepped for some faux glow.

James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask Features

James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask Review
  • Hydrating and exfoliating
  • Ultimate pre and post tan treatment
  • Use before a tan to prepare your skin
  • Or use between tans for perfectly smooth skin
  • Removes self tan
  • If used 3 days after tanning, helps colour fade evenly
  • Aloe Vera restores skin’s moisture and improves its natural firmness
  • Hyaluronic Acid rehydrates and softens the skin
  • European Blueberry Extract exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth and radiant
  • Witch Hazel conditions and soothes
  • Passion Fruit, Grape, Orange, Lemon, Papaya and Pineapple contain Lactic Acid, Tartaric Acid and Glycolic acid which exfoliates and cleanses the skin
James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask Review

Now, one of my first beauty obsessions ever was the peel-off mask! My goodness I used to love them. It was more about fun than it was about skincare, and the challenge was to peel  off the whole face in one piece! Now that was victory!

James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask Review

And now the fun is back! All you do is apply a thick layer, let it dry which takes about 20 minutes, peel it off (it comes off in one go if you’re careful – YES!) and then rinse with water. It left my skin smooth and glowing.

James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask Review – After Photo

I followed it with the James Read Express Glow Face Mask which I washed off after a couple of hours and I was left with a gorgeous golden glow the next day.

James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel is the perfect tan prep and gives the skin a lovely radiant boost. It is £15 and is available HERE

Find James Read’s whole tanning range HERE



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