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Interview with JLS: LOVE Eau de Toilette

4 Feb 2013 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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Last week, just before the official launch party for LOVE, I had the opportunity to meet up with the JLS boys to find out their side of the story on the fragrance.
Interview with JLS: LOVE Eau de Toilette
I am pleased to report that they are absolutely lovely, friendly and chatty lads that gave me the impression that they had all the time in the world to spend with me. They didn’t, by any means, and I was the last interview of the day, but they didn’t let on.
So here is the interview:

RR: I heard on the grapevine that the company you worked with to create the fragrance wanted to name it Heart. Is this true and how did it end up being called Love?
Aston: For us there was never any argument – for us putting the name out there, it was our name and our face on the front, heart didn’t feel real. That was how we had to put it to them. And they were fine with it. They liked that we were involved with making the product and it showed them that we really do believe in the product.
RR: So KISS sold out in 3 hours online, was that your indicator to keep going?
Marvin: Yeah – we would have been silly not to. The whole success of it really took us by surprise. For us it was important to come back with an even stronger success for our second one. We all had our own individual elements that we picked to make up Love. And we are very proud of it. It is a very seductive, romantic fragrance – perfect for Valentine’s day.
RR: So you each have your notes in the fragrance that belong to you. Shall we go through?
Oritse: Yes indeed! I am pink orchid – seductive, sexual, addictive (cheeky smile), all of the good stuff. The oil was actually extracted from the centre of the orchid – the pink orchid is the rarest orchid that there is – and it was important to have something unique, that adds a massive element of passion and pleasure to the scent.
RR: Oooh you really know your stuff!!
All: Yeah we have really worked on this!
RR: And you JB?
JB: I was the E in Love. Egyptian Jasmine. 
RR: That’s quite exotic too?
JB: It is exotic! It really is the E in Love – Exotic, Egyptian Jasmine! It’s the longevity of the heart notes. All of our notes belong to the heart, but mine is the one that lingers around the most.
RR: So you’ll be the one that everyone remembers!
JB: That’s the idea!!
RR: So you Marvin?
Marvin: I’m the favourite. Well the majority of women’s favourite flower is the rose. It is the most romantic flower in the world. So I wanted to make sure it was the most expensive rose and that’s called Rose de Mai. My whole essence that I wanted to put in to Love, was absolute Rose. So it was a combination of something that women like and I like.
RR: That rose is only out for 3 weeks in the whole year…
Marvin: Yeah yeah, that is why it is the most expensive.
RR: I don’t know a lot about fragrance but I know that, because Azzi Glasser just told me…
Boys all laughed (bless them for laughing at my unfunny jokes!).
RR: And you Aston:
Aston: I am the Orange Blossom.
RR: The fizzy bit?
Aston: I am the fizzy, fresh, on trend part. And to be fair that flower is known often to be in wedding bouquets. And if there’s any more loving day in a woman’s life, then I suppose it’s going to be their wedding right?
RR: So when you smelt what it all smelt like together, did you go through a process of…you like it, you don’t like it… did you all agree it was good, or were some of you at different stages?
JB: We all had to obviously like it, and as you can imagine, there are four of us and it’s difficult to all like exactly the same thing. And when we knew we all liked it, then that was when we knew it was ready.
RR: No arguments about it?
JB: No – what I am saying is, we had to get to that stage, I mean, we did go through a few phases where only two of us liked it, or just three of us liked it, and it’s difficult. Because even though we have the four different scents, the different levels of the scents dictate what the end product is. So if you have more Orange Blossom than Egyptian Jasmine, it obviously makes it smell different, than if you have things another way around. So we had to get to that stage when we all liked it and that’s when LOVE came about.
RR: So was it easier now that you’d done KISS?
Oritse: It’s easier the second time round…
Aston: I didn’t think so. I found it harder. The first time around we picked what we loved so had to start again, and had the pressure to make it better.
RR: I have a reader question – If you could create a perfume named after one of your songs, which would it be, and how would it smell?
Marvin: I think that’s easy. The song would be Love You More – it’s our most romantic song and it is so apt to today’s fragrance, LOVE.
RR: Last question – Are you going to do an aftershave?
Marvin: Yeah definitely. That’s on the cards. We’d like to have our own fragrance that we can wear. So we want to make that happen. We might have to do something  different. We don’t all want to wear the same fragrance. We might have to do four different little bottles…
And that was the end of my time. I thanked them. They thanked me and I thanked them again. It was totally lovely. What a lovely bunch they are!!
Read my original post all about the fragrance HERE and buy it online HERE.

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