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Intensae Summer 2015 Nail Collection Swatches

19 May 2015 (Updated: 24 May 2015)

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I absolutely love Intensae nail polishes. The brand is pretty new to me but I have to say it is fast becoming one of my favourites. The quality is just incredible, it’s an ethical brand with all 5-free vegan formulas and the colours are simply stunning. What’s also great is that every contact I have had from founder James Samuel has been so charming – I genuinely feel that these polishes are created by simply lovely people. I just love it when everything about a brand makes you feel good. But enough chit chat, here’s a look at the 3 shades in the Intensae Summer 2015 Nail Collection.

Intensae Summer 2015 Nail Collection

Intensae Summer 2015 Nail Collection Shades

  • Kid – grey with lilac undertones inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Southside – light bright candy pink inspired by Gwen Stephani’s ombre wedding dress
  • Revolution – bright orange red, inspired by Vivienne Westwood

It is an absolutely stunning collection. I am obsessed with all 3 and I think that Kid is my favourite nude of the moment. I love it!

Intensae Summer 2015 Nail Swatches


Intensae Summer 2015 Swatch – Kid


Intensae Summer 2015 Swatch – Southside


Intensae Summer 2015 Swatch – Revolution

These polishes are so easy to use because it’s such a beautiful formula that glides on effortlessly. It is so densely pigmented that you could get away with one coat if you were rushing. I actually put a gel top coat on top of Kid because I think it goes with everything and I have been at lots of different events and wanted to make sure it stayed perfect. All the other swatches are quickly painted over that. The colours really do pack a punch!

The Intensae Summer 2015 line up is available now at Intensae online.



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