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Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot

24 Mar 2017

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There’s a brand new member of the Imedeen family and it has taken three years to develop. Here are the details on the upcoming Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot, the brand’s first beauty drink.

Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot
Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot

So within this little bottle is a scientific blend of highly concentrated collagen and vitamin C that’s easy to drink and take with you when you are on the move.

Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot Features

Until now, the entire Imedeen product range has consisted of skincare tablets that work in the deep dermal layer that topical creams are not able to reach. The new liquid shots have been created to include in your beauty regime to help maintain the skin.

Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot
Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot
  • Adds 2500mg of collagen back into the skin to improve it’s elasticity and general appearance
  • 40mg of vitamin C protects the skin from oxidative stress and support the natural formation of collagen
  • Shots are ready to drink
  • Each small bottle is easily portable
  • Can be used  alone or in conjunction with your regular Imedeen supplement
Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot
Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot

Now I haven’t had the opportunity to test this properly yet, but I have had one shot and it is very easy to drink. It tastes really nice and fruity, and the 15ml portion goes down like a treat. They are available in packs of ten so I’d be interested to test this over consecutive days and see what results this delivers to my skin. As this is such a new product, Imedeen have not yet completed their clinical trials but there should be some interesting data coming soon. I’ll keep you updated.

Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot is £32.99 for 10 x 15ml shots and launches 17th April 2017 HERE. Check out my trial of Derma One when I worked with Imedeen here.



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