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By Ree

Illustration by Miss Magpie Spy

2 Nov 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I just wanted to quickly share this with you because it’s a total first in my world! Check out this fab illustration of me after I had my princess hair braids done at Four! I nearly fell over when I saw it!
This was done by twitter’s wonderful Miss Magpie Spy (find her here). Never in my life has someone taken the time or felt the inclination to draw me (oh apart from the time when my mum paid a guy to do a portrait of me and my sister and I had to sit still for like ever, and also my sister but then she loves me) and so I was incredibly flattered and actually rather moved.
Thank you Miss Magie Spy!! (AKA Niki Groom of 
Miss Magpie Spy and I have been following each other pretty much since I joined twitter and it just reaffirms to me what a wonderful community it can be.
That’s my little Friday night thought. Share the love!

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