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IDC REGEN-16 Range Review

23 Dec 2016 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I recently turned 34. It was then that my 6 year old son solemnly told me that I would soon starting getting skin like granny now that I am old (my mother in law is 83 so a few wrinkles are expected). He was being cheeky but he did have a point, I had been neglecting anti-ageing products believing I was too young. So I was happy to try out the IDC REGEN-16 range.

IDC REGEN-16 Range
IDC REGEN-16 Range

Integral Dermo Correction (IDC) offers a 3 step system that has an express option. They use REGEN-16 anti ageing products to combat the 16 main mechanisms of skin ageing.

I was obviously aware of wrinkles and age spots etc but I didn’t realise just how much our skin can change. Over time you can see a deterioration in:

  • Hydration
  • Barrier function
  • Cell anchorage
  • Energy
  • Oxygenation
  • ECM2 synthesis
  • Immunity
  • Skin cohesion and exchanges

but also an increase in:

  • Oxidation
  • Pigmentation
  • Keratinization
  • Glycation
  • DNA damage
  • ECM2 proteolysis
  • Inflammation
  • Micro capillary permeability

Typically skincare brands historically only focused on a few signs of ageing, but thanks to Dr Eric Dupont Ph. D, founder of IDC and creator of REGEN-16 technology we can now tackle all 16 signs of ageing with a simple skincare routine. REGEN-16 stimulates the mechanisms that have decreased, and suppresses the mechanisms that increase. In fact, IDC view skin-ageing as a puzzle. When the pieces are slotted together in the right way you get effective anti- ageing skincare.

I was offered the opportunity to try the REGEN-16 express, the Ideal Multi-Correction Night and I was also given a complimentary Trilogy Mask, which doubles as an exfoliator.

The packaging is as you would expect from a high-end skincare brand, although interestingly, they feature red quite heavily in their packaging.  I liked this,  it makes a change from the muted tones usually used within the industry.

IDC REGEN-16 Range
IDC REGEN-16 Range

IDC REGEN-16 Range – REGEN-16 Express

REGEN-16 express can be used on the eyes, face and neck and can be used morning or night. This product is an ideal introduction to anti-ageing skincare for someone in their 20’s and upwards. It’s also great for taking away with you as it is a multi use product and will save precious space in your vanity case. It contains hyaluronic acid, peptides to rejuvenate the eye area and ES290, an antioxidant to protect against premature ageing caused by external aggressors and free radicals.

IDC REGEN-16 Range
IDC REGEN-16 Range

I really liked this product, I’m great with a skincare routine at night, but in the morning we have three people to get ready for school and work within an hour. I cannot spend long in the bathroom so I need something quick and easy. This product is ideal as it absorbed easily into my oily skin without any greasiness or heaviness.  I also didn’t feel any tightening around the eye area which is great as I can’t bear that feeling. Find it here for £40.95

IDC Ideal Multi Correction Night Cream

Next I tried the Ideal multi-correction night. This is a leave on overnight treatment and the first thing I will say is that this smells divine!


The scent and packaging remind me of a Dior moisturiser I had years ago that I used to save for special occasions as it was so luxurious.


This product is very similar. It felt luxurious and absorbed easily; it is designed to repair and protect whilst you get your beauty sleep. I used this on alternate nights to the REGEN -16 Express.

IDC Trilogy Mask

The final product is the Trilogy mask. This is an exfoliating mask designed to be used once or twice a week, offering professional grade skincare at home.

IDC Trilogy Mask
IDC Trilogy Mask

I applied a small amount to my dry skin, after 10 minutes I moistened my hands and gently rubbed my face to face to emulsify and exfoliate before rinsing off and applying the overnight mask to soothe and hydrate. This was not too harsh, it isn’t full of micro beads, just fine particles so easily gets into the creases of your nose etc. Find it here

When these products arrived I had been suffering from a lot of stress induced acne on my cheeks as well as rosacea. I was nervous about testing an unknown( to my skin) range of products on my face in case it made it worse. I was really pleased with the results though. Within a few days of use my skin had really settled down. My skin also stayed mattified for much longer during the day and I really liked the consistency of the products and how they felt on my skin.

Overall I am impressed with this range, the scientist in me is also impressed with the fact that IDC has been featured in 8 peer reviewed scientific journals. This lends credence to the fact that these products do work. The range is also paraben and cruelty free.

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