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Iconic London Strobing Stick Review

30 Mar 2016 (Updated: 26 Mar 2019)

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Iconic London Strobing Stick Review
Strobing has taken the beauty world by storm and everybody is trying to find the best products for that gorgeous strobing effect. Strobing is basically a fancy word for highlighting the parts of your face that light would naturally hit, so don’t panic if you’d never even heard of it! So if you love highlighting, or strobing(!), read on for my Iconic London Strobing Stick review!

I had been hearing good things about Iconic London with Kim Kardashian using their strobing stick and many of the TOWIE and Made in Chelsea girls using the strobe stick and the Iconic London contour kit too.

Iconic London Strobing Stick Review

The Iconic London Strobing Stick is an all-in-one highlighting product which can be used lightly for a dewy finish or layered for that strobing effect and is only available in one shade. You can even mix it with your foundation for a dewy foundation finish. The way I have been using the stick is applying it to my cheekbones and inner corners for a gorgeous highlight. If Kim Kardashian is using it…everybody needs to try it because she always has stunning makeup whether you like her or not.


The Strobe Stick is a cream based product which I have found so easy to apply to the cheek bones. If I want a lighter highlight I will lightly dab it onto the cheekbones and take a brush to blend it out. If I want a strong highlight I will give the stick a quick sweep across the cheekbones and set it with a powder highlighter and I can’t wait to use this during the Summer months for a bronze/glowy look! The stick is more of a champagne tone which is my favourite shade of highlighter as I find it works well against my pale skin tone. It is incredibly long lasting once applied and lasts all day, usually until I remove my makeup!

Iconic London Strobing Stick Really Ree

What I really like about this strobing stick is that isn’t glittery. It will add a gorgeous shimmer and glow to the cheekbones or wherever you want to apply it but it doesn’t make you look like a disco ball! I think this would work well as an eye shadow base too with the right eyeshadows. The Iconic London Strobing Stick retails for £29.99 and you do get quite a lot of product so it is going to last you a long time. This makes it a good investment if you like strobing!

Want to try it for yourself? Find the Iconic London Strobing Stick to order online HERE

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