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Iconic London Highlighters – Strobing Sticks & Palettes

26 Nov 2016 (Updated: 26 Mar 2019)

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Everybody is still obsessing over highlighter and with more and more brands launching new formulas and shades, I am all about it! I had previously reviewed the Original Iconic London Strobing Stick which is loved by the likes of Kim Kardashian and an endless list of reality TV stars for good reason, it is great! Iconic London have extended their highlighting line with two new shades of the Strobing Stick and a gorgeous powder highlighting palette to get you glowing!


Iconic London Highlighters- The Stroke of Midnight Shimmer Palette

The new The Stroke of Midnight Shimmer Palette has four beautiful shimmer shades. The palette itself is made of a more durable cardboard and has a mirror inside which makes application on the go even easier. The four shades in the palette are all incredibly pigmented. As I have pretty pale skin I have found different uses for them rather than just as cheekbone highlighters.

The four shades are:

  • Highlight & Illuminate which is a golden shimmer with beautiful shift to it.
  • Shimmer & Shine which is a metallic champagne shimmer
  • Brighten & Lift which is a lavender with silver shimmer
  • Glimmer & Glow which is a stunning bronze shimmer


I have been really enjoying using Highlight & Illuminate and Brighten & Lift as cheekbone highlighters as they work well with my paler skin tone.

I have also been using Shimmer & Shine and Glimmer & Glow as eyeshadows and they look beautiful on the eyes!

All of the shades are incredibly glowy and have such a creamy formula despite being powders. They are pretty long lasting once applied which is great for an all day glow.


Iconic London Highlighters- Strobing Sticks

Then there are the three shades of the Strobing Sticks. Each one has been designed with a skin shade in mind. This is an all-in-one highlighting stick which can be used lightly to achieve a dewy finish or can be layered for a strobe effect. I am not usually a fan of cream or stick highlighters but these are fantastic. They aren’t oily on the skin and they don’t slip around.  These add such a stunning glow to wherever you apply them. Just imagine the intense glow you could achieve if you layered one of these with one of the shades from the palette!


The three shades are:

  • Original with a champagne tone for fair skin
  • Glow for olive to dark skin tones with gold terracotta tones
  • Shine for light to medium skin tones with pink tones


Swatched: Orginal, Glow & Shine

You can find Iconic London Highlighters to order online here

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