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I Love My Model Mirror!!

25 Mar 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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This little beauty is my of my absolute favourite handbag essentials of all time. It’s the amazing all singing, all dancing, all illuminating (ok it doesn’t dance or sing but it does light up) MODEL MIRROR!!
Model Mirror – Beau Bow
I completely love it. I am always doing my makeup on the go and with my Model Mirror I don’t have to compromise on how well I can see what I’m doing.
The mirror sizes are fab, one side is a regular mirror and the other is 2X magnified (I tend to avoid that side unless it’s an emergency!) and it has an amazing set of lights that, when held above as you look into the regular mirror, allows you to see everything you need to, no matter how dark it is.
When I’m doing my makeup on the train as I go through a tunnel I just flick the switch and keep on going!
The Model Mirror comes in loads of cute designs – check them out here – but I love my Beau Bow. Pretty pastel pink, a super cute bow and it comes in a drawstring shammy bag that you can use to protect it and polish it. I always make sure I keep it in its bag to keep it Perfect!!
My Beau Bow is £19. Check out the full range here.
They are currently running a 25% offer using the code LOVE
I don’t think I could live without it now. Do you love it?!
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