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HUGO BOSS: BOSS The Scent For Him and For Her

17 Dec 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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When it comes to Christmas present ideas, you can’t go wrong with a fragrance. I don’t know many who wouldn’t be happy to find a new bottle of perfume, or aftershave, under the tree on Christmas morning. In fact the toughest part is trying to find a signature scent for someone. A scent that is unique to them and matches their personality perfectly.

BOSS The Scent For Him

For me two fragrances that really stand out this year are the HUGO BOSS scents, BOSS The Scent for Her and BOSS the Scent for him. Both are beautifully packaged, as you would expect from HUGO BOSS and both smell absolutely beautiful!

BOSS The Scent For Her Eau de Parfum 

BOSS The Scent For Him

This scent is described as being the realisation of the BOSS Woman. It’s powerful but at the same time feminine. With a mix of honeyed peach and freesia top notes this is a seriously floral and fruity fragrance that lasts on the skin. There’s something quite seductive about the fragrance and I have to say whenever I wear this, I always seem to get more people than normal asking what the fragrance is. It’s just a gorgeous fresh scent with a hint of musk that is one of my favourites to wear at the moment. Plus I love the design of the bottle, it’s a beautiful glass bottle with a cute top that looks perfect on my dressing table. Boss The Scent For Her is £39.15 for 30ml Click here to buy

BOSS The Scent For Him Eau de Toilette 

BOSS The Scent For Him

When it comes to men’s fragrances, I personally like a fragrance that smells like a man should smell. And I have to say, all men should smell like BOSS The Scent Eau de Toilette! With notes of Ginger, wood, light musk and leather, this has a subtly masculine scent that isn’t overpowering at all. In fact it smells absolutely divine and I’m not sure why most men don’t smell like this. It really is quite irresistible and it’s fair to say my other half will be finding a bottle of this under the tree this year. Boss The Scent For Him is £40 for 100ml. Click here to buy

What do you think of the HUGO BOSS, BOSS the scent for him and for her? What’s your favourite fragrance to wear at this time of the year?

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