How To Get Glowy Skin Fast with Skincare & Makeup
By Ree

How To Get Glowy Skin Fast with Skincare & Makeup

13 Jan 2019 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I get loads of questions about how I get glowy skin fast so I thought I’d make a quick video to show you. Hope you enjoy!

I use lots and lots of products all the time – it’s a hazard of my job. There are many different products that give you glowy skin, but here are some of the ones that I can rely on.

How to Get Glowy Skin with Skincare

I absolutely adore the Marie Reynolds London Restore Mask. This is an everything mask and I recommend it to anyone with any skin condition. It’s good for general skin health, acne, rosacea, pigmentation, dull skin, irritation, inflammation, scar healing, and even coldsores. The mask contains Hemp Protein, phyto-nutrients, an 8 strain probiotic and it’s really easy to use. Check out my review HERE.

Quick Skin Blend to Get Glowy Skin

I mix Drunk Elephant Protini with Drunk Elephant C-Firma and  the NIOD MMCH2 (best hydrating serum ever!). This is the fast track to brighten and hydrate.

For the eyes, I use NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate which is a recent favourite. It is plumping, smoothing, and perfect under makeup.

Read my blog post about all my Drink Elephant favourites HERE.

How to Get Glowy Skin with Makeup

I recently discovered Flower Beauty and have found a lovely little blend that delivers instantly juicy skin. I mix the Flower Beauty Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir with the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation and then press it over the skin.

Next I cover any imperfections with the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Concealer and that’s the base done.

My new favourite thing is to use Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love in Tulip as a lip colour, blush and eyeshadow. It creates a super harmonious look and is so quick and easy. I swipe it over lips, cheeks and lids, then blend. Make sure you check out the video!

I have a blog post with swatches of the BECCA Ultimate Lipstick Love range.

The L’Oreal Paris Clinically Proven Lash Serum is the last step for glossy yet natural looking lashes.

I hope this helps you to get glowy skin fast! Please let me know if you have any questions at all and feel free to request any alternative recommendations.

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