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Products To Create Beachy Hair With Minimal Effort

8 Sep 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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After a beautiful summer it can be a bit depressing to come back to down to reality and realise that Autumn, with its woolly jumpers and colder weather, is almost upon us. However, if you can’t quite let go of that summer feeling yet, don’t despair! Here’s our guide to products to help you continue to have beachy, tousled, sexy hair and with minimal effort. Recreating that chilled out, boho look many of us sport over our summer holidays.

Beachy Hair
How To Create Beachy Hair

V05 Give Me Texture – Rough & Sexy Sea Salt Spray 150ml

V05 Rough and Sexy Sea Salt Spray - Beachy Hair
Beachy Hair Product 1 – VO5 Sexy Sea Salt Spray

When it comes to hair products I am a VO5 newbie, mainly because my sister has this crazy curly hair and swears by them. So what could they possibly do for my straight locks? I used this product on towel dried hair and sprayed the product all over from root to tip. I didn’t hold back on application because my hair is super thick, so I felt to get a fair try, enough product should be used. I then did a few hand scrunches- the kind where you grab a section of hair, squeeze and push up. Technical term for this method unknown! I did a few errands whilst my hair dried naturally.


This VO5 spray definitely created a texture that I wouldn’t normally achieve and gave good dimensions to my hair that ensured it wasn’t flat. I do feel that if you have super thick hair like myself you would benefit more from some of the other products. I would definitely now look at V05 as an option should they come up with something a bit stronger that created the beach look. Find Vo5 Sea Salt Spray here

Toni & Guy – Sea Salt Texturising Spray 200ml

Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray
Beachy Hair Product 2 – Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I have used Toni & Guy products in the past when given them as gifts but never really invested in their products. The spray method was exactly the same as the above with the V05. The only difference here is that I added a tiny bit of heat with those hand scrunches this time as I was in a bit of a rush. This spray does make a point of saying that it has a light hold with no crunchy feeling.


Toni & Guy have definitely stumbled on something here. However, The result was very similar to the V05 and after seeing the two products’ results, you wouldn’t be able to tell which is which. I did however feel that the Toni & Guy spray just held on to the look that little bit longer through the day.

What I did feel is that Toni & Guy have managed to really crack the product packaging and design. The Toni & Guy spray is the only product packaging that made me think beach, sand and sun. You can see they have tapped into those summer colours. Not only that but they also direct you to the website on the back of the bottle you can literally find 100s of looks, tips and inspiration. I loved this! Find Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray here

TRESemme Perfectly (un)DONE – Sea Salt Spray 200ml

TRESemme Sea Salt Spray- Beachy Hair
Beachy Hair Product 3 – Tresemme Sea Salt Spray

Keeping with the sea salt spray theme, I have saved the best for last! Super beautiful smells with this one too! I have used a different method here as per the instructions from TRESemme. If you have naturally wavy hair then the hand scrunch method is for you. If your hair is straight then here’s what you you do. Dry the hair to about 80 %, then divide into 3 sections. You then create a twist using your hands from the bottom of the hair to root. Create a small secured twisted bun and apply heat again. Once you let the buns down mist over with the spray and voilà!


If your hair is thick this is the one for you. Not only have TRESemme come up with a different method, but it works and they have really catered for both thin and thick hair here. My hair was tousled, I felt beach worthy and it held really well. The formula really seperates the tousled hair too, it doesn’t look bunched up at all. Yes, the method may take a moment longer to create, but isn’t it just so worth it for the right look?

TIP: I applied the spray, divided hair, put in buns and then applied my make up whilst my little buns held my hair away from the face! Two birds, one stone! Find Tresemme Sea Salt Spray here

TRESemme – Make Waves Sculpt and Define Spray Gel 200ml

TRESemme Sculpt and Define Gel Spray
Beachy Hair Product 4 – Tresemme Spray Gel

Another hand scrunching method on towel dried hair, however this is a gel so you need to do a few extra pumps to really get the product in to your hair evenly. It boasts a lightweight definition, to be used on wet or dry hair so it’s super versatile.


I really loved this version from TRESemme. Because it’s a gel, I really felt my hair was supported and it brings some extra comfort to the tousled look that I had created. I did feel the product worked quicker than the others, so my scrunching had to go up a notch in speed but it’s 100% worth it for that extra hold. Although it states that it is lightweight, it certainly did the job. Find Tresemme Sculpt & Define Spray Gel to order online here

TRESemme – Make Waves Shape and Memorise Cream 125ml

TRESemme Shape and Memorise Cream (1) Beachy Hair
Beachy Hair Product 5 – Shape & Memorise Cream

A slightly different approach on this one. Once you have towel dried the hair you can then smooth the product through. On natural waves this is all you need to do, however if you have straight hair then they suggest using a wide-barrelled tong to create waves.


I did slightly struggle with this one. That was purely because I didn’t have a tong available and was only able to create curls with GHDs so therefore I used the hand scrunching method. However, for someone with super straight hair, I was certainly able to create a beach worthy look. Nonetheless, I would have liked to have been able to follow the instructions for my hair type. The product is really easy to work into the hair and is white in colour so you can ensure it’s evenly distributed. I felt that this particular product created the nicest texture. Find Tresemme Shape & Memorise Cream here

TRESEmme – Make Waves Creation Hairspray 300ml

TRESemme Creation Hairspray - Beachy Hair
Beachy Hair Product 6 – Tresemme Creation Hairspray

So this product is the cherry on top. For all the above methods you can apply a spritz of this stuff for extra hold.


I’m in love. Not only have I been using this product with the others, but even on its own. It deserves an award in its own right! It holds all the looks you can think of. It’s a fabulous all rounder and in my non-professional opinion would be a fabulous hair stylist’s BFF. It is so workable, it’s unreal. I haven’t before thought of using TRESemme for a hair spray but I will certainly be replacing my usual spray with this one. It smells divine and works so well.  If I had to give you a STAR PRODUCT this is the one. I even found, after towel drying, I could hand scrunch with this and near enough create all the previous looks. Once you are done for the day, the product simply brushes away. Find it here

So there you go, six awesome products for creating beach worthy waves. I would recommend the first two for thinner hair but if you have really thick hair like me, definitely go for the TRESemme products.

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