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How To Apply False Lashes – A Beginner’s Guide

12 Feb 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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False lashes can look amazing but many of us never even try to wear them because the thought of applying them is frankly just way too difficult and intimidating. If you’ve ever spent a frustrating hour with false lashes hanging half off your lash line, sticking to your fingers rather than your eyelid, or falling off ten minutes after you’ve applied them then this post is for you.

How To Apply False Lashes
Kate Fawcett in False Lashes

In reality, as with most aspects of beauty, practice makes perfect. However, if you can’t face months and months of trial and error here are our top tips to speed you on your way to perfect looking false lashes every time.

How To Apply False Lashes – Identify Your Eye Shape

Lashes are not a one size fits all affair, different eye shapes suit different types of lashes best. If you have almond eyes, you’re in luck, because most lashes will suit you. Deep set eyes need lashes that are longer in the centre of the lash to make the lashes look sufficiently prominent. Downturned eyes suit a lash that is longer at the outer corner as it helps to lift the eye. Hooded eyes look best with a thin strip lash with lashes that aren’t too long.

Meanwhile those with close set eyes can create the illusion of them being further apart by using lashes that are longer at the outer corner. Those with wide set eyes should use lashes that are longer in the centre or the inner area to make eyes appear closer together.

How To Apply False Lashes -Trim The Lashes

Eyes come in all shapes and sizes and lashes have to be long enough to fit them all. For this reason, most false lashes need to be trimmed before you can wear them.

Pick the lashes up with tweezers and hold them against your natural lash line to see whether they need trimming. Don’t plan for them to start right next to your inner eye as they can irritate you. Instead, count two to three of your natural lashes in from your inner and outer corner and that’s where your lashes should start and end. When cutting, always cut from the outer lashes.

How To Apply False Lashes- Bend The Lashes

To help prevent lashes popping up at either end curl them around your finger before you start to apply. This will mean that there is less pressure on them as they dry and they’ll be more likely to adhere to your eyelid properly. Alternatively wrap them around a makeup brush or rounded pencil if using your finger is too fiddly.

How To Apply False Lashes – Apply The Lash Glue

Starting at one end of the lash apply a fine layer of glue straight from the applicator to the lash. For an even stronger effect you can also dot lash glue along your lash line too. One thing to bear in mind if you are allergic to hair dye- black lash glue contains the same allergen as hair dye so proceed with caution. Let the glue become tacky, but not dry, before you start to apply the lashes.

How To Apply False Lashes – Apply The Lashes

Using tweezers or your fingers (tweezers work best) gently position the lash at the correct point on your lash line. Then starting from the centre of the lash press it into place. Push the lash down onto your natural lash line so you don’t have a line between your natural lashes and where the false lashes start. Once the lash is in place gently press the centre and the outer edges again and allow to dry.

How To Apply False Lashes – Apply Mascara

Finally, once the lashes are fully dry gently apply a coat of mascara to blend your natural lashes with the false lashes for a flawless look every time.


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