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Hola Coco – A Summer Saviour for hair?

26 Aug 2017 (Updated: 17 Jan 2019)

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We all love the sun that’s around this time of year, well, it’s supposedly around. If you see it say hi from me as in Brighton it’s been grim and grey. However, when we do experience a summer it can cause havoc to our skin and hair in terms of drying it out.

Hola Coco Mask
Hola Coco Mask

Hola Coco have taken inspiration from the current trend for coconut oil. I love coconut oil for cooking but it can also be a great make up remover, skin softener and treatment. It’s also exceptionally nourishing in the hair.

Home made coconut oil treatments can be incredibly messy as I’ve found out before when I tried. As an oil, the heat causes it to melt and it then becomes difficult to apply without mess. This has put me off using coconut oil even though I love the effects on my hair.

Hola Coco have brought out an alternative to home made remedies. Hola Coco is to be applied to wet hair then left anywhere from 15 minutes to overnight. Once rinsed out hair should be left glossy, bouncy and full of life.

Hola Coco Mask
Hola Coco Mask

I have fine hair that’s not particularly dry, but I do like to apply a mask a few times a month. As my hair is fine I look for products that are a little lighter in texture. The 500ml full size container retails at £29.99 but they do sample pots for £4.50 for 25ml, so you can try the product out before committing to a larger pot. If you then purchase the full size product they will redeem the sample cost from your order! And there’s free UK postage on all orders.

Dipping my toes in the water with the sample size I applied a £2 size coin amount to begin with. As my hair is fine and shoulder length I actually found this amount perfect. My best friend has thicker hair so when I asked her to try it she used double the amount.

My friend and I having vastly different hair left the mask on for different times. I left mine 15 minutes and she left hers for an hour. We both experienced an immediate softness to our hair. My friend normally has trouble combing her hair out after washing and she said her comb just glided through. The scent is not too overwhelmingly coconut smelling and was just nice and fresh.

We would both use this product again and were both equally impressed with the results even though we were after different results. I wanted hydrated but not weighed down hair and I certainly got it. My friend wanted her thick waves to look glossy and smooth and be easy to comb/brush and she also achieved what she wanted.

As the sample pot is available then redeemable off full size I would definitely recommend you try Hola Coco. Find it here

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