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Highlighter – A Guide to Obsession

13 Apr 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Never have I been more obsessed with highlighting and glowing skin than I am now. This is quite a statement because I was really obsessed when I first discovered the concept with MAC’s Strobe Cream and Benefit’s High Beam. But this is different. This is hyper obsession.


It used to be that you’d get the highlight out for the evening, maybe even just special occasions. Well for me it started with special occasions and then I couldn’t go out in the evening without highlight. It was part of the dressing up process. I was obsessed with it then. At some stage the phase passed. I genuinely don’t remember when, but there was definitely a period where I didn’t own Strobe Cream or High Beam, and it was OK.

Anyway, the new highlighter wave is a whole other thing.

It’s like you have to have highlighter now and you may just almost feel a little naked if you don’t… even in the DAYTIME! When and how did it happen?! Actually, I know when it happened.

Well the strobing trend has A LOT to answer for. It was the terminology that hooked me in straight away. Strobe – I was straight back to the moment I noticed that magical product at MAC. I can remember it now. ‘What is this magic’ I was thinking?! Strobe? They will be able to see me from outer space!

This time around it started with Jaclyn Hill and the BECCA Champagne Pop collaboration.


I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t really even noticed Jaclyn before. But the name Champagne Pop and then the product’s absolute and total beauty drew me in at the speed of (high)light!!

I wore it out at night a couple of times and basked in my own gorgeous glow. But very quickly the addiction kicked in and I couldn’t stop myself wearing it in the day. It became every day. Oh god! It was supposed to be for special! I bought a backup in case it ran out. That happened fast.

I pretended for a while that Champagne Pop was too much for every day

and went on a search for something more daytime appropriate. I chose BECCA’s Moonstone which is so beautiful and more subtle but then I found that I liked it with a little fluttering of Champagne Pop… ON TOP … for daytime.

Once you are layering your BECCA Shimmering Skin Finishes for daytime, then there’s no way back. You gave gone beyond inappropriate daytime strobing. I think you may even be Chroming … whatever that is….. I don’t know but I like it and I will most likely be chroming for breakfast sometime very soon (tomorrow?!).

The Anastasia Glow Kit in That Glow

has been a beautiful addition to my rather ridiculously glowing makeup life. I am obsessed again. You know you love something when you look for something in your handbag and don’t locate it straight away and think you are about to collapse into a panic attack. But luckily you find it just in time and then you close your eyes and kiss it, and thank it for still being in your life. I know I am not alone. That’s how I feel about the Glow Kit.


I have been using it (FOR DAYTIME!!) layering all the shades (of course) but usually topping off with Sunburst for the final dazzle on top of the dazzle. And I have been using this over the Filmstar Bronze and Glow contour and highlight duo that’s in the hotly anticipated Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look palette (I do my ‘base’ (ha ha) sculpt and highlight with that!).


So as you can tell, it has all gotten ridiculously over the top but I am totally in love with the whole process and it actually makes me happy! I may be blinding aliens from outer space but as far as I am concerned, makeup is there to make us happy, and why should sense, logic and being old enough to know better deny anyone happiness? We have to grab that precious thing where we can don’t we? Thank you highlighter. I love you.



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