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Hema – Quality Beauty Products On A Budget

16 Aug 2017 (Updated: 17 Jan 2019)

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Hema is one of my must stop shops when I visit London. I’m a stationery geek and they have an amazing range at such low prices. As I’ll shortly be undertaking my third degree I’m looking to stock up. But what I hadn’t tried was their beauty range. That all changed recently.

From the varied range of Hema beauty products on offer, I tried a wet/dry shadow trio, neon nail polish, lip scrub and a strobing stick. The cosmetics range from as little as £2.50 up to £12.00 so that makes it a very affordable range to trial, especially if you’re a student stocking up for the new uni term on a budget.

Hema Lip Scrub

Hema Lip Scrub Stick

The first product I tried was the lip scrub, this comes in a bullet similar to the Wunderscrub that I reviewed previously, but is priced at a lower £4.75 making it a little more budget friendly. It’s made from a combination of sugar and oils to gently but effectively buff away dead skin prior to lipstick application. I achieved a great result from this and as I’ve recently been trying a new liquid lipstick range it came in very handy indeed.

Hema Strobing Stick

Hema Strobing Stick

I normally only use powder highlighters but with the warmer weather we had recently (alas now long gone!) I’ve been wearing a more natural makeup look and strobing sticks provide a subtle glow. Hema Strobing stick is available in three colours: champagne, gold and pink for £6.00 each. Pink was the perfect subtle pink sheen to apply to the tops of my cheekbones. I did try it as a subtle wash of colour on my eyelids too with just a quick coat of mascara and it gave an extra dimension to a “no makeup” day.

Hema Nail Polish

I also tried a gorgeous neon orange polish from the neon range. The range is just one of many available and are priced at £3.50 each with an enhancing basecoat for £2.50. I didn’t have the basecoat so I applied three coats on bare nails and three coats over a white polish from Nailberry. Over the white the polish truly stood out as a neon. Even on bare nails I achieved a nice neon effect that was a little more work friendly. Using base and topcoat I managed three days before any chips appeared. This is a great wear time for me, due to how frequently I wash my hands. I have my eye on a few more colours as they’re great for the summer, although this orange would also be superb for Halloween.

Hema Wet/Dry Shadow Trio

My absolute favourite of all though was the wet/dry shadow trio. There are eight trios available in a good mix of cool and warm tones and are priced at £6.00 each. I’m really fussy about eyeshadows and I have very clear favourites so I’m always very critical of formula and fall out as well as blendability. I tried the gold/brown trio and I hand on my heart would have thought this was a high-end shadow. When I swatched them for the photos I barely touched them and they were perfect in one swipe. They are insanely pigmented! I found they were super easy to blend and had no fallout, with my normal primer I easily achieved 12-14 hours of crease free wear. I highly, highly recommend them but please let me buy the remaining seven before they sell out!

If, like me, you like a one-stop shop check out Hema for both stationary and beauty. They have a store finder on their website but offer free delivery when you spend over £20 and at the quality and prices, for me that’s no problem.

You can find Hema online here


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