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Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Collections

10 Sep 2016 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Heathcote and Ivory are a London Established lifestyle brand. They started off making only soaps and scented candles but having grown quickly now have lots more products to offer. Their new ranges from the Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Collections are just gorgeous!

Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Braids & Blooms Collection
Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Braids & Blooms Collection

I tried the Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Soap Flowers and Lip Butter and I have to firstly draw your attention to their beautiful packaging. From the mix of bright and pastel colours to the different prints and patterns they use, it’s everything you want and more. The packaging really reminds me of those beautiful patchwork blankets you can have made. I’ve wanted and longed for one of those blankets over the years! This is the perfect example of mix match gone so right. Mixing patterns and prints can be a hard task and can often look a bit garish, but not with Heathcote and Ivory. I fell in love with the packaging as soon as I set my sights on it.

Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Braids & Blooms Collection
Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Fabric & Flowers Soap Flowers

The soap flowers are gorgeous. You get quite a lot in just one box and they are all different shapes, sizes and colours. As soon as I opened the box the smell sent me into a little world of my own and I just couldn’t wait to throw a few in the bath with me! They float on top the water whilst they slowly disintegrate into your bath, making your skin smell amazing. I love adding things into my bath and these were just the perfect addition, something that looked great but also smelt so lovely. 

Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Braids & Blooms Collection
Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Patterns & Petals Lip Butter

The lip balm came in its own cute little box. When I opened it to reveal the pot there was a bright yellow/orange flower printed on the lid begging to be opened. I of course obliged, and thats when the love story began. The Patterns & Petals Lip Butter not only smelt like I wanted to eat it, but also felt so hydrating and smooth on my lips. It’s so easy to get a lip balm wrong, believe it or not. I’ve had so many that feel like they dry the lips out and others that have felt a little grainy.  However,  this one ticked all my boxes (even my nearly 4 year old son wanted some!)

I’d really recommend stocking yourself up with some of these beautiful Heathcote and Ivory products. Whilst you’re at it, buy some as gifts for Christmas too as these make for perfect gifts and at really low prices. I know what I’ll be wrapping up and popping under the Christmas tree this year! 

Find the full range of Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co products here

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